In 159 wards due to lack of internet, registration of individual cases through online was still not possible

According to the National Identity Card and Registration Department, 159 wards out of 6,743 wards across the country have not yet been able to register personal incidents online.


In the program organized by UNICEF and Women, Law and Development Forum on the occasion of registration week, it was informed that due to internet problems, 159 wards are still unable to register personal incidents online.

On that occasion, it was informed that personal incidents are registered online in 6,584 wards. It is said that personal incident registration camps will also be conducted in the program.

The director general of the department, Rudra Prasad Pandit, promised that the problems arising in the registration of personal incidents will be addressed. He said that the voice should be raised to solve the problems in personal incident registration.

He informed that in four days after the department issued the circular 15 days ago, 366 children of single women were registered. He said that it was corrected within four days when there was a suggestion that some language should be amended in the circular.

“Pregnant women cannot register their children’s birth within 35 days, women working in the civil service only get 98 days of leave, so we also have experience that at least 98 days should be given for birth registration”, said Director General Pandit.

Navraj Jaisi, director of the department, informed that the campaign is going to be carried out so that incidents such as birth registration and death registration are done 100 percent. He also informed that the birth registration will be done according to the court decision.

The executive director of the forum, Savin Shrestha, emphasized that since birth registration is a fundamental right of children, the law should be amended so that no fee is charged even after 35 days.

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