In a year, we will take RealMe to three major smartphones in Nepal – Sahil Agrawal

In a year, we will take RealMe to three major smartphones in Nepal – Sahil Agrawal

With the arrival of Shankar Group as the official seller of Chinese mobile brand Realmy, it has announced to establish itself as one of the top three smartphones in Nepal within a year. Announcing that Shankar Group is the official seller of Nepal on Sunday, it has stated that it has made a strategy to fall within the top three mobile companies within a year.

Speaking on the occasion, Madhav Sheth, Vice President of Realmy and CEO of Realmy India and European Markets and Sahil Agrawal, Managing Director of Shankar Group announced that they would be recognized as the top three smartphones in the Nepali market this year.

“We have made plans by giving priority to the Nepali market,” Sheth said while speaking at the official vendor announcement program. “We plan to be among the top three mobile phones in Nepal within a year.”
RealMe said that it has been producing mobiles keeping in mind the design and price, adding that RealMe’s market expansion in the world has accelerated in the last one year. He said that not only mobiles but also laptops and other devices will be brought to Nepal.
Of the 5G smartphones in India, Realm’s share in the second quarter of 2021 was 23 percent. According to Counterpoint, it is in high demand in India with more than 50 million consumers.

He said that he was happy to work with Shankar Group in Nepal and that he was confident that this group would make Realmy the best company in Nepal.

Speaking on the occasion, Sahil Agrawal, Managing Director of Shankar Group, said that Realm would be the best smartphone in the country’s smartphone market. “We will provide the best products in the Nepali market,” he said. “By the end of this year, we will be in the top three smartphones.” He announced to bring laptops and other products including smartphones to the Nepali market.

He said that he was happy to collaborate with Realmy on the trip and said that this relationship will be further strengthened in the coming years. He said the partnership would help develop the world’s growing smartphone market with state-of-the-art technology, state-of-the-art consumer services and extraordinary market expansion ambitions.

According to a study by Counterpoint, in the global smartphone market, Realm’s sales have increased by 135 percent this year and its sales in the second quarter of the first year have increased by 17 percent this year. Accordingly, a total of more than 100 million have been sold.


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