Indrive is in final stage of registration process: Pavit Nanda (Interviewer)

Lately, Indrive is becoming popular as a ride sharing platform in Nepal.

But even after almost two years of starting the service in Nepal, it has not been able to get foreign investment permission from the government.

At present, the company does not charge any commission for the business done through InDrive in Nepal. The driver receives 100% of the amount.

Where did the registration process of Indrive go? What are the upcoming plans in Nepal? Is there a physical office or not? How is it serving the user? Indrive's South Asia Public Relations Manager, etc pure NandaFor ICT news with Sneha Jhaconversation with

It has been a long time since Indrive started the registration process in Nepal. Indrive is registered in Nepal or not?

We are in the final stage of the registration process. We hope to get permission from the government at the beginning of this year. We have submitted all the official documents for foreign investment on our behalf. The government is analyzing those documents. Now we expect to get permission from the government soon.
Indrive has set up a new venture division to invest in startups.

What is the procedure for startups to get investment?

We are going to work with startups through New Ventures. Indrive said this campaign will help startups expand globally. New Ventures will invest in value-based information technology companies like InDrive.

If you also need investment, you can go to and apply. Then our team will respond.

Indrive has also been organizing Aurora Tech Awards and Underdog Tech Awards. What kind of award is this?

While the Underdog Award is for startups, the Aurora Tech Award is primarily for encouraging women entrepreneurs. Applications are received from all over the world for the Underdog and Aurora Awards, which are organized every year. Applications for the award have also been received from Nepal. The jury team selects the winner from the applications received. The winner gets funding from InDrive.

Apart from this, we recently conducted the Alternative Film Awards and Nepal was also a participant in that. There was also a winner from Nepal.

It has been 2 years since Indrive started its service in Nepal. How do you remember this two-year journey?

During the two-year journey, we have received immense love from Nepali users. Many people are using Indrive. Realizing the need for ride hailing in Nepal, InDrive Nepal entered. In Indrive, both the rider and the customer can set the price of their trip. This service was new in Nepal. Now we have not taken commission in Nepal. We are helping to create jobs.

Drives is making a living by providing services through InDrive. We plan to expand our services further after getting official permission. At present there is a service of Kathmandu, Pokhara and Bharatpur Indrive.

Nepal is a small country in terms of population. Many of these ride sharing services are used in Kathmandu. Here too there are more than a dozen ride sharing platforms. How is Indrive looking at this competition?

We take competition positively. We believe in healthy competition. InDrive Nepal is very different from other ride hailing applications. In other parts of the world as well, InDrive is famous as a different platform. Our operating model is different.

Drivers and passengers decide the fares themselves, there is no fixed price system based on any algorithm. All this is done together by drivers and passengers, which makes our platform very different. So people prefer to use and drive. Nepal is a very important market for us.

Is there an official physical office of Indrive in Nepal?

We plan to have a physical office in Nepal. We will set up a physical office after getting the permission from the government of Nepal. But even now there is a team in Kathmandu who are working remotely. This team has been working to address user complaints.

Indrive is a multinational company. The company also has its own social responsibility. Social Responsibility What is Indrive doing in Nepal?

In Nepal we work in the field of education and sports under Corporate Social Responsibility (CAAR). In education, we have a project called Begin IT, which is basically a program to help underprivileged children. In this we work with government schools and NGOs. If any NGO or any government school in Nepal wants to apply for this, you can contact through begin

Along with this, we recently participated in the Kathmandu Marathon as a sponsor. We also trained participants from different cities to run in this marathon. Similarly we have Underdog Tech Award, Aurora Tech Award, Alternative Film Awards and all these things are also available for Nepal. Anyone can participate in this by visiting the website.

Finally, what are Indrive's future plans?

We plan to do a lot of work in Nepal. After getting the permission, we will start the rest of the work. Let's start with our Marketing 360 campaign. Recently we also collaborated with ICT Award. Similarly, we will participate in more activities. There is a plan to deliver InDrive to various districts of Nepal.

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