Ingenuity helicopter completes one mile on Mars

Ingenuity helicopter completes one mile on Mars

NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter completes a mile on Mars. According to, the Ingenuity helicopter has completed one mile in its tenth flight. The Ingenuity helicopter completed its tenth flight on July 24.

During the flight, the helicopter flew over the rugged terrain of Jejero Kratra. The helicopter has also completed its tenth flight as it will focus on the study of Mars only after the first successful flight of the helicopter.

The tenth flight was very challenging because the helicopter had to cut through ten awkward places. This time the helicopter has managed to fly a maximum of 310 feet.

The helicopter has also taken a lot of images. Earlier, according to, Ingenuity was able to fly 164 feet north of the base at a speed of 4.5 miles per hour. The area where the helicopter flew will now be called Wright Brothers Field.

Mars has only 1 percent surface level pressure compared to Earth. Helicopters flying on the planet are powered by solar energy. Now NASA will make only two flights because after this NASA will pay special attention to the Perseverance Rover.

This will make it even easier to explore Mars. Recent investigations suggest that drones will be used more extensively.


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