Instagram is bringing its own AI chatbot

Meta-owned photo-sharing app Instagram will soon allow users to chat with artificial intelligence chatbots.


According to the well-known person who discloses various news in the technology world in advance, Bvikkabalamachay Abgishshash, Instagram is about to launch the AI ​​agent feature.

Paluzzi informed about the preparation of Instagram via tweet. According to the screenshot shared by him, the Instagram chatbot will answer questions and also give advice. Users can select up to 30 people.

However, it is not clear when Instagram will start this feature. In an announcement last February, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he would form a new high-level product team focused on generative artificial intelligence work.

In a Facebook post, he wrote, ‘We are building a new high-level product group at Meta that will focus on the area of ​​generative AI and accelerate our work in this area.

Meanwhile, it is said that Instagram will also announce a micro-blogging platform similar to Twitter at the end of June. This is Instagram’s new text-based conversational app. Its code name is Edad and Dyabach Abhayilab. With the help of the agency

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