Instruction of Center for Education and Human Resource Development to update information system

The Education and Human Resource Development Center under the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has instructed schools of all types and levels (community, institutional and traditional/religious nature) to update the Electronic Integrated Educational Management Information System (IEMIS) by the 15th of June.


The director of the center, Ramchandra Sharma, has published a notification today and instructed all types and levels of community, institutional and traditional/religious schools to update the system for the academic session 2080.

According to the notification, the center is conducting planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation activities based on the data and information related to school education by managing them in a web-based system, collecting, integrating, analyzing, preparing reports, promoting and publishing them.

It is said that online updating can be done twice in each academic session at the beginning of the academic session and at the end of the academic session.

When updating in this way, schools operating from Monterey-ECED to class 12 must update their respective schools’ Excel-based IEMIS and if they are new schools, they must fill in the details from the Education and Human Resource Development Center through the local level within the specified date, the center said.

The Center has informed through the notice that schools which are conducting only class 11 and 12 within a local level must update their details compulsorily.

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