Instructions to bring advertisements on social media under the scope of tax

Instructions to bring advertisements on social media under the scope of tax

The development of information technology has limited the world to a small village. Although the development and expansion of internet service has made people’s daily life easier, it has been found that government revenue from it is being lost.

The Office of the Auditor General has clarified that the government bodies do not have information about advertisements and other business activities through social media and apps.

The use of Viber, Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat and Emo has also increased. The number of users of such networks is increasing day by day.

Similarly, apps like Zoom, Wavex, Cisco, which conduct meetings, seminars, are running smoothly in Nepal. Some services are being paid for from a US dollar account. Such payments are not registered in any system of Nepal and do not come under the scope of tax.

According to Article 67 of the Income Tax Act, the government has not taken any initiative to bring it within the tax base of Nepal. The 58th report of the Auditor General has objected that the government did not even know the details of the payment of US dollars through social media and did not come within the scope of revenue.

The Accountant General has decided that the service provider providing such service should be registered in Nepal and arrangements should be made to collect the revenue. Emphasizing on bringing all kinds of economic activities under the tax net and widening the revenue base, the accountant general has asked to manage e-commerce and online advertisements on social media including Viber, Messenger, Skype, WeChat and Facebook.

The Accountant General has directed the government to bring these areas under the tax net. A large amount of money is paid daily for publishing and broadcasting any advertisement and information.

Although the advertisements and information are clearly seen on social media, the payment is made through the card, but the revenue administration of the country is not aware of it and the government is losing its revenue. रासस


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