Intel preparing to build 14th generation Meteor Lake processors

Intel is preparing to release its 14th generation Meteor Lake processors later this year. Intel has also planned to change the name of the Core family CPUs with the launch of the 14th generation.


According to the company, customers are demanding simple naming. Core i3, i5, iSeven and iNine are familiar names for Intel chips. Now these chips are known as Core Ultra 5, Core Ultra 7 and Core Ultra 9.

Core I3, I5, I7 and I9 are going to be closed after 15 years. Now, in the new chip, Intel has said that generation numbers will not be prioritized in its stickers and marketing.

New badge designs have been unveiled not only for each CPU tier, but also for Intel Evo-certified laptops and the V Pro Enterprise and V Pro Essential Business capabilities.

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