Interaction program on the role of information technology and communicators completed in Covid 19

Interaction program on the role of information technology and communicators completed in Covid 19

The Computer Association of Nepal has concluded an interaction program on ‘Role of Information Technology and Communication in Covid 19’ on Friday.

The event, organized by the Women in ICT and ICT Youth Empowerment Committee of CAN Federation, was held at Sunway International Business School, Maitidevi, Kathmandu.

Senior female communicator and executive director of Media Advocacy Group Babita Basnet and Nirmala Sharma, chairperson of South Asia Women in Media and former chairperson of Sancharika Group were the keynote speakers at the event.

Speaking on the occasion, CAN Federation President Nawaraj Kunwar said that there was an example of people modifying their working style after facing every crisis and epidemic.

He said that after the corona virus took the form of a global epidemic, there was a significant change in the style of news coverage of Nepali journalists and there were some examples of innovation due to the fact that journalists had to cover news from home during Covid 19.

Kunwar said that most of the Nepali media outlets have started making extensive use of digital technology, social media has been used extensively, online media has developed as an innovative sector in Nepal due to technological transformation in media and Nepali journalists have learned more about ‘mobile journalism’ during lockout. He said that more attention has been paid to the issue of collection.

Due to which, the Covid 19 epidemic has brought innovation in Nepali media, he said. In Nepal, as in the rest of the world, after Covid 19, more importance has been given to news content and style as well as the use of multimedia and technology in the media and audience engagement and reader-centered publications, he said.

Stating that today’s society cannot be untouched by information and communication technology and its various forms of communication, Narayan Thapa, General Secretary of CAN Federation, while inaugurating the program, recalled the role played by CAN Federation in the expansion and development of information and communication technology in Nepal. He said that the use of technology will help.

Babita Basnet, Senior Media Personnel and Executive Director of Media Advocacy Group, spoke about the impact, challenges and role of Covid 19 in the field of technology for women journalists.

On the occasion, Basnet recalled the findings and findings of the Media Advocacy Group’s recently published book ‘The Impact of Covid 19 on Women Journalists’.

Nirmala Sharma, former chairperson of Sancharika Group, said that the development of information technology has added challenges. She said that despite the increase in the level of information sources and the number of citizens receiving accurate information during the epidemic, technology has not been able to increase its credibility.

He said that there was no doubt that the right use of information technology would make it easier to transmit information and accurate information would be transmitted.

Manish Maharjan, coordinator of Sunway International Business School, the sponsoring organization of the interaction program, spoke about the Internet of Things.

In the interaction program, the media persons present through various media interacted with the resource persons regarding the correct use of COVID 19 information technology and the role of the media personnel for this.

The event was coordinated by Reena Shrestha, a member of the Women in ICT Committee of the Federation of Nepali Journalists and a member of the Working Committee of the Kathmandu Branch of the Federation of Nepali Journalists.

The program conducted by Surendra Shrestha, a member of the ICT Youth Empowerment Committee, concluded with a vote of thanks by Sheila Kansakar Karki, Chairperson of the Women in ICT Committee.


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