Iranian hackers use Facebook to target US military

Iranian hackers use Facebook to target US military

Iranian hackers have targeted US military forces using Facebook. This was stated by Facebook on Thursday. The group’s name was Tertoise Cell. The group also targeted the aerospace enterprise.

It sought to invade the United States, but also Britain and parts of Europe. This group has very powerful resources and is working without knowing who is operating it. Using Facebook, hackers were sending various messages and websites from where malware also spreads. The group has in the past targeted IT companies in the Middle East.

It uses a process similar to China’s Evil Eye to hack. The hackers were using sophisticated online personalities on Facebook to communicate their goals.

They used to win the trust of their target and make them click on the links. They also created accounts on various other social networks for trust. The malware for these hackers was created by a company called Mahak Ryan Arfaz.


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