Is it my fault for not carrying cash?

Twice a day, I used to walk in front of the traffic management office, but I was walking saying ‘Boli Boli’ like Bhairab Aryal’s ‘Jai Bholi’, even though I knew it was time to renew my license. My habit of opening consciousness only after a problem! Maybe not in the trap of the traffic police! I did not realize that 4 months had passed since I said that I would go tomorrow.

On Tuesday, as soon as I left the office, the first thing I did was go to the Transport Management Office, Gourighat. There was no crowd at the place of license renewal as compared to other times. Maybe it’s just 10 o’clock.

Room no. Went to 3 and asked – ‘The license had to be renewed.’

The office staff asked to go to room number 2 first with the license and citizenship certificate. After 2, the turn came. The employee entered the license number into the computer, took out a printout, gave it to me and told me to go to room number 3 again. Already went to room number 3 and went again. Hakim Saab was heating the heater. I gave the license and the printed paper and said, ‘Sir, you have sent it from 2 no.’ He looked at the license entered its number into the computer and told him to go to room number eight.

Room number eight is a place for medical examination. Cut a receipt on 50 rupees and sat in line. After 4, or 5 people, it was their turn. One eye was covered from the outside and made to see English symbols from a distance of 7 to 10 feet. Mix everything. Then I went inside the room and read some numbers. After everything is done, you have to enter the computer. However, my record was shown by the computer there. “Your record is not shown, go to number 3,” said the male employee working there.

‘Sir, just came from there’ I said. As my record is not visible, he told me to check number 3 again and make an entry.

I got cold in my heart, just a few days ago, the news was published that 1 lakh fake licenses were taken out of the traffic management office in collusion. Somehow my license was not investigated as fake! Well, I passed the license exam. It was said that the video can also be seen. Therefore, erasing the coldness of the mind again 3 no. I went to the boss of the room.

‘Sir, you sent it here again from number 8.’ I said falling in front of the boss. He said to show citizenship. However, I had citizenship. ‘Sir, what should I do if I don’t have the citizenship to go to the office?’ I told my problem.

‘Citizenship is needed.’ He said.
‘Is there any other card, voter ID card, PAN card?’ The boss said.
Desperately rummaging through my wallet, I showed my voter ID card. He might have entered the citizenship number. “Let’s go to number 8,” he said, signing.
8 no. Jump to the room.

My turn came when a customer was entering. But, suddenly, 2 (male and female) employees working in Budhanilkanth Municipality arrived in office uniform. The male employee pushed me and talked to the medical staff, saying, ‘It’s madam’s, sir, do this.’ He said, ‘He is a reliable person, it will be easy to ask for vaccinations for children later. I did not say, sir, that it will be his.’ Said the same thing. Instead of doing my work, that employee smiled at the female employee and did her work.

She didn’t protest much saying that it would be my turn after her. However, even after the work was done, he was angry when he saw that he was still involved in gossip. In anger, he used his wisdom and told others. Stay silent. About 4 minutes after holding my document and entering, I forgot the number 7 or 4 now, said to go there.
There is a place to pay taxes. A female employee remained and gave the license and papers from the window.

Entering the computer, she said ‘four thousand’.
‘Yes, how about four thousand?’ I asked.
‘Your renewal has failed, you will be fined twice.’ I was helpless.

The problem came from here. I had cash of 2,2500. “Cash is not enough, give QR,” I said. I usually do money transactions through mobile banking, online, ATM or QR. I rarely carry cash. I know that sometimes I get into the same problem.

It cannot be taken from QR. What do you need? Why did you come without cash?’ The employee said. ‘La.. I don’t have enough, is there an ATM?’ I asked.
“There is no ATM, you should go down and transfer to the shops (intermediaries) there, they will give you cash.” She suggested.

Hastily went to the counter like (intermediate square) which is lined up inside the traffic office building. ‘How much do you need? While asking that the money is transferred at a counter, he got an answer from the girl. ‘Two thousand, the charge is 200.’ The answer came.

When transferring 2,000 to Steam Ray, 200 is not enough! It is a work of 8 rupees, which will also be deducted from my account! He asked in surprise.

The girl replied saying that she would do the job for only 200. There was no ATM nearby, I was in a hurry. I was forced. 2 thousand from his account to his account. Gave 200 cash. The girl handed over 2000 notes. While taking money, I wanted to say ‘Lootantra nai hoha ni’. However, the speech did not flow.

I ran to the toll booth. After paying 4,000, a receipt was received.
Your work is done, where to go now? When I asked, I got an answer.
‘When will you come to get the license?’ I asked. ‘After a year’ she answered without looking at me. I asked, ‘What to do until then?’

Carry the old license, show the old license and this receipt when asked by the traffic.’ His ready-made answer came. That’s the answer he gives to everyone who comes to renew their license.

I had also read the news that millions of licenses were received in the Transport Management Office within a couple of days of the distribution of licenses in the setting. Since I just renewed today, there was no question of my license being included in it.

While leaving the gate of the traffic management office, one of them said, ‘If you need a license urgently, I will do it!’ I said, ‘Oh brother, it doesn’t matter, I’ll take it.’

My fault, or crime!

Being aware that the license should be renewed on time, getting a double fine for not renewing the license.
In some government and most private offices and businesses, transactions are done through cashless (card, online).

Errors or omissions of the Transport Management Office
Not operating cashless (QR, ATM, online) services.
Giving space to middlemen in the office premises.

If the government wants to provide affordable services to the people, technology should be friendly. However, most of the government agencies in Nepal are deliberately not made service users. It is not a big task to arrange for the direct deposit of the revenue received by every government agency into the government account through the online banking system. However, due to this, the bosses and employees there are losing their daily rations from Vichaialia. Otherwise, when all the private offices are going to the online system, what is stopping the traffic management office?

Lately, the cashless system has reached every area. From private offices to big shopping malls, it is cashless. Whether you are buying vegetables or buying clothes, you can pay through ATMs. Even in salons, and public toilets, you can pay with QR.

Another advantage of cashless is that you can pay for any service or item as much as it costs. For example, if you buy goods worth 120.50 paisa, you can pay the same amount through mobile banking or card swap.

However, 120.50 paisa cannot be given in case of cash transaction. Today, it is not 50 paise, you can’t get a note below 5 rupees. In this case, you can either get goods or services for 120 or you have to pay 5 rupees more. Yes, if there is chocolate in the grocery store, you get 2, 4 after paying 125 rupees. They say about 5, 10 rupees, but we are encouraging those who have taken more than 5, 10 rupees from each customer to commit corruption!

Good governance will be maintained by making the sector technology-friendly by providing easy delivery to the people. The mediators are removed. The trust of the citizens towards the state and the government increases. Why did not enter the brains of those who run the state? When will this consciousness reach not only the transportation system office but every agency of the state?

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane is senior ICT professional who talks about #it, #cloud, #servers, #software, and #innovation. Rabins is also the first initiator of Digital Nepal. Facebook: rabinsxp Instagram: rabinsxp

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