Is Kapil Sharma's comedy show on Netflix about to close?

Kathmandu. The Great Indian Kapil Show, which is being broadcast on Netflix, is going to be closed. It is suspected that the first season is about to end due to the decrease in the number of viewers in the show.

On 26 April, Indian Express reported that the viewership of The Great Indian Kapil Show had not increased at the expected rate. According to the media, the audience of the show has also decreased from Netflix's data.

The show was designed as an attempt to stream in India and attract new viewers. Comedians Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover's reunion in the show, which aired after months of hype, excited the audience.

After its debut episode featuring actor Ranbir Kapoor, his mother Neetu Kapoor and sister Riddhima Kapoor, the show entered Netflix's global top 10 list. According to Indian Express, the views of the show were gradually decreasing. After actor Aamir Khan entered the show last week, it was expected that the views would increase. But significant views did not come.

Archana Pooran Singh, the artist who worked on the show, has mentioned that she is going to close the show as the shooting of the first season is over. Talking to Indian media Pinkvilla, she said that the last episode of the show was shot on May 1. “Yes, we have completed the shooting of season 1 of The Great Indian Kapil Show,” she said, “The journey so far has been amazing. We had a wonderful time on set.”

Comedian Kiku Sharada has also informed News18 that the show has been temporarily closed. According to him, the second season of the show will come. “Just completed the first season. We have already shot 13 episodes for the first season,” he said. “This is how the contract was signed. We have already planned the next season and now comes the second season.” Five episodes of the show have been streamed on Netflix. According to Kiku, there will be eight more episodes.

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