Is your phone too hot? Take care of these things

Is your phone too hot? Take care of these things

Nowadays we spend a lot of time on our mobile phones. But at some point our mobile gets hot while we are using it.

Atmospheric temperature also affects the internal temperature of the phone. Most of the summer the phone gets very hot.

This causes the smartphone to hang and the battery to run out quickly. Today we are giving information about what to do when mobile phone is hot.

Keep away from the sun

If you leave the phone in the sun for a long time, the smartphone will take the heat of the sun. This causes the phone to stop working.

The smartphone keeps the heat on for a long time which makes the phone extremely hot. So smartphones should not be left in the sun.

Do not increase the brightness of the screen too much

Increasing the brightness of the screen of the smartphone greatly increases the battery and processor work, which causes the phone to heat up.

If you have to look in a bright place outside, it is better to put a glare screen on the phone than to increase the brightness of the screen.

Close apps running in the background

Just pressing the home button or back button does not close the app. We have to close the app by going to the recent of the device. By doing this, those apps do not work even in the background and the smartphone also has to work less and the phone does not heat up.

Remove the phone cover during extreme heat

The cover of the phone should be removed when the smartphone is overheated. The phone’s cover keeps the heat out and keeps it warm. After removing the cover of the phone, the smartphone gets cold quickly.

Do not keep the smartphone in the fridge

Many people keep the phone in the fridge thinking that it gets cold quickly but this can have a negative effect on the phone.

Sudden temperature changes can have a detrimental effect on the phone and can lead to cold, which can damage the phone.


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