Is your WiFi slow? Thus increase the speed

Is your WiFi slow? Thus increase the speed

The Internet has become an integral part of humankind today. The government has also included it in the essential services.

If you use WiFi for internet, sometimes you may have a problem with slow WiFi. When the WiFi is slow, there may be a problem at work.

With this problem in mind, today we are giving information on how to increase the speed of your WiFi.

Updating WiFi firmware

The smallest problem is that the router’s software has not been updated. Router companies also need to update software like phone companies.

Sometimes the router company may have changed the new firmware or battery for its own protection. New routers can be updated from the software settings. But if you have an older router, you must first download the update manually and then install it manually.

Selecting the correct frequency

Modern routers now have two separate bands. The first band covers a very long distance but the speed of WiFi is very slow.

Using the second band, you get speed internet. If streaming, the device should be placed close to the router.

Are WiFi repeaters becoming obsolete?

WiFi repeaters are believed to speed up the internet, but this is completely wrong. The repeater only re-broadcasts the signal from the router.

The router should be connected to a rather long Ethernet cable and this will increase the speed. Even if the house is very big or the wall is thick, the internet is slow.

Channel change

Connecting many other devices to WiFi also slows down the speed of the Internet. Microwaves and old cordless phones also interfere with the Internet. To fix this problem we need to go to the wireless channel.

We can change the channel by looking at the type of our network by going to the settings of the router. To do this, we first need to know which channel to use using the WiFi Channel Scanner app.

Using a mess networking system

We can fix all the WiFi problems by using the mess router system. This helps to increase the band of the network and change the channel by knowing which channel is interfering.

Companies like Netgear and Linux have been providing this service. Mess router system eliminates all network problems.


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