Isewa’s four-in-one offer, health and accident insurance at less than one rupee per day

Isewa, the first and leading payment service provider of Nepal, has released four offers in one. Under this offer, you can purchase full health care facilities for yourself and four other relatives and friends for less than one rupee (Rs. 1) per day.


Relatives and friends can also be included in this offer. To participate in this offer, you will have to pay less than one rupee (Rs 1) per day, i.e. 360 rupees per year to purchase your complete health care.

Similarly, if you have to include your other family members, each member will be charged an annual fee of 270 rupees. Likewise, if you have to include a friend along with yourself, you will have to pay the fee at the rate of 360 rupees per year for one friend.

Iseva has come up with this kind of facility in collaboration with Himalayan Everest Insurance keeping in mind the health and future of its users and their relatives and friends.

In order to use this facility, this package can be purchased under Iseva Care service on Iseva’s mobile app, where customers can avail many health services as well as health insurance packages and accident insurance for themselves, their families and friends.

Accident treatment expenses, hospital bed charges, death and disability insurance up to one lakh rupees can be claimed from Himalayan Everest Insurance.

Under this policy, claims can be made for emergency treatment and medical examination, as well as fees to be paid to hospitals after injuries and accidents.

In this package, accident insurance of more than one lakh, treatment expenses of up to 10,000 if hospitalized for more than 24-hours, 20 percent discount on skin, hair and beauty care can be obtained.

Similarly, you can get Rs 500 discount on teeth cleaning and dental treatment, 50% discount on full body checkup and 25% discount on eye and fitness services, while you can get 100 reward points at Iseva.

The person who purchased this insurance package should contact Himalayan Everest Insurance within 35 days with the necessary documents to claim the insurance.

This offer does not cover pregnancy, abortion, birth control, infertility treatment complications, mental or nervous breakdown, congenital or hereditary defects or conditions, HIV or any sexually transmitted disease, alcohol or other drug abuse, suicide or any organ transplant, elective surgery, plastic surgery, In case of diseases that require regular examination, it is not possible to claim insurance from this health care package.

Hospitalization can be claimed only after 30 days of insurance purchase in this package. Also, only people below 60 years of age can participate in this offer.

At present, about 75 million customers are using the service of Iseva through Android and iOS mobile. Along with this, more than one and a half million people are receiving services indirectly through more than two lakh agents (Isewa Zone and Point) across the country.

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