It has become difficult to implement the Digital Nepal Framework due to the lack of a coordinating organization: Communications Minister Rekha Sharma

Communication and Information Technology Minister Rekha Sharma has said that information technology is not only for entertainment but also for production and digital economy.

Speaking at the Fire Side Power Dialogue of Huawei MNC Digital Nepal Conclave 2023, Communications Minister Sharma said that there has been a change in the thinking of information technology in Nepal.

“Earlier, information technology was considered as a means of entertainment,” she said, “now that thinking has changed. Information technology is not only for entertainment but also for production and digital economy.’

She said that the government is continuously working to make information technology accessible to all citizens and said that necessary policies are being made for that.

She said, ‘Not only the ministry, but the government is also discussing in the Council of Ministers.’

Stating that the information technology sector is running on old policies, he said that the ministry is working to bring the old policies up to date.

The Ministry is aware to prevent remote use that may be caused by information technology. ‘There will be significant development in information technology in the next 10 years.’ She said.

She said that it is difficult to fully implement the Digital Nepal Framework because there is no organization that can coordinate with the government. She further said, ‘There is a need for an authorized organization to implement the Digital Nepal Framework. Discussions are being held in the ministry for this. ‘

Stating that they are working to attract those who have studied IT in the information technology service, she said that staff college will be arranged for the development of IT manpower in the government service.

‘We arrange a separate staff college for the development of IT manpower in government service.’

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Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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