Jack Ma’s English learning hoothooty, which led to the name ‘Jack Ma’ from Ma Yoon

Jack Ma, the Chinese billionaire and founder of the world-famous online shopping site Alibaba, is currently visiting Nepal. Jack Ma, who arrived in Kathmandu on a chartered flight on Tuesday, is busy traveling.


Many considered it strange when a Chinese billionaire suddenly came to Nepal. It is natural to be surprised when Jack, who has not been attending public events in recent times, suddenly comes to Nepal.

Jack Ma’s investment is also in Nepal’s popular e-commerce company Daraz. Jack Ma’s success story is interesting. Jack Ma has achieved his current position by taking many hurdles.

Jack Ma’s childhood

Ma Yun was born in 1964 in Hangzhou, Xinjiang Province, China. Jack Ma’s parents were performers in the Chinese dance company Pingtan. It was a kind of narrative traditional dance show and teaching institution.

Jack Ma’s childhood name was Ma Yoon. There is also an interesting story about his name being changed to Jack.

He was not very good at studies in his childhood, and he was not very strong-tempered. But when he had a great desire to learn English. He took the help of tourists coming to China to learn English.

He would take tourists around town and ask them to teach him English in return. At that time, one of the tourists started calling him Jack. Then his name changed to Jack.

He worked very hard to become a fluent English speaker. His English improved with the company of tourists. Then he decided to do his graduation in English.

A journey from the translation center to the Internet

Jack’s English became so good that he opened a language translation center. There was translation from English to Chinese and from Chinese to English.

Because of his excellent English, he started teaching English language and international business at Hangzhou Dianzhi University. But it wasn’t just a mere glimpse, Alibaba was yet to come.

Jack went to America in 1995-95. At that time, the Internet was not very popular in China.

Speaking to the BBC about his first internet experience, Jack said, My friend Stuart told me it was the internet. You can find anything you want in it. I felt strange. Then the first word I typed on the internet was the word beer.

When I searched for beer, I found information about American, German, etc. beers on the internet. But no results related to China were seen. That was very disappointing for me.

Jack’s surprise was going to do wonders in the days to come.

Start a company with a friend’s money

Jack started the China Yellow Pages in 1996. Until that time, computers had not reached ordinary people’s homes in China. Three years later, in 1999, Jack Ma started the e-commerce website Ali Baba with 17 of his friends in his apartment.

He raised the amount of 60,000 dollars needed to open the company by looking for a loan with his 80 friends in southern China.

Alibaba connects exporters from China and the rest of the world with companies around the world. Alibaba also runs Taobao.com. This is China’s largest shopping website. Alibaba has extended its reach to payment websites.

How was the name Alibaba?

It also has an interesting story. Jack Ma was sitting in a coffee shop in San Francisco. A waitress comes there. Jack asks the waitress – Do you know Alibaba? In response, the employee says – Open up, Simsim.

As soon as Jack heard that, he agreed. After this test in the coffee shop, he asked 30 other people if they knew Alibaba.

People from Germany, India, China and Japan are familiar with Alibaba. Jack Ma had already received the name of his company. Coming out of the story, Alibaba had taken the form of a website company.

Talking about the name Alibaba, Jack Ma says: Alibaba was not a thief. He was kind and knew how to do business. Alibaba helped the villagers.

Similarly, Alibaba company is also open for everyone. Where people from all over the world can do business.

According to Jack Ma, he has already registered the company under Ali Mama’s name. Apart from Alibaba and Alimama, Jack is also working on other fronts.

When Jack Ma started the online payment site Ali Pay, people used to say, this is your stupidest job so far.

Jack Ma’s answer to such people was: I don’t care if it’s stupid or not, as long as people keep using it. Now 800 million people are using Alipay.

Single kumars, fight in shopping

Just like the meeting of lovers on Valentine’s Day, Singles’ Day is celebrated in a grand manner in China. 11 November is single day. That is, double 11. It is also called anti-valentine.

Jack Ma used this star to make money. Jack Ma started the trend of Shopping Day on November 11, 2009. Huge discounts are offered to customers in the sale. Chinese people wait for shopping day in Alibaba. Every year the company sets a new revenue record on this day.

According to AFP, on a single day in 2017, Alibaba set yet another record with nearly $25 billion in business.

Alibaba’s wealth secret

The eBay website charges a fee for listing companies. While Alibaba does not charge any fees. The company earns from the advertisements on the website.

Alibaba connects customers with businesses. It takes only a small commission for this. This entire system is online and does not require any physical infrastructure.

Efforts to spread around the world

Jack Ma’s effort is to spread Alibaba around the world. In recent days, he has been meeting with leaders of different countries in the world, looking for the possibility of Alibaba’s expansion. He has met from the American President to the Prime Minister of India.

Such is the life of Jack Ma

If you look at Jack’s personality, he is known as a person who never gives up. At the World Economic Forum, Jack revealed some secrets of his life:

He applied to Harvard University 10 times for study. But his application was always rejected.
When KFC entered China, 24 people initially applied for jobs in the company. 23 of them were selected and the only one who was not selected was Jack Ma.

Jack’s Business Plan

What is Jack’s business plan? According to him, the best plan for starting a business is to have no plan at all.

Now there is no time to sit and think. That’s why Jack Ma appears in his company’s annual celebration program with white hair, sometimes in the guise of a pop singer and sometimes in the look of a pop star.

Jack’s family

Cathy Zhang, who has been with him since his studies, is Jack’s wife. They have two children.

Along with business, Jack Ma is also learning martial arts. His martial arts skills can be seen in his short film GOng shou DAo.

How much is Jack Ma’s property?

Jack Ma, the owner of a Chinese technology company who visited Nepal, has a net worth of 20 billion 600 million dollars. He is the fifth richest person in China.

The pullback from the internet empire it founded 20 years ago continues amid Beijing’s sweeping drive to rein in the country’s internet titans.

China’s fifth-richest man is at the helm of fintech giant Ant Group, three years after stepping down from the helm of e-commerce behemoth Alibaba. He is 58 years old.

English teacher Jack Ma founded Alibaba in 1999. The company is now one of the largest e-commerce businesses in the world.

Ma resigned as executive chairman of Alibaba in 2019. He returned to China in March 2023 after spending almost a year abroad. After leaving China, he traveled to Japan, Thailand and Europe.

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