Jeff Bezos completes space travel, says special attention to environmental protection (video)

Jeff Bezos completes space travel, says special attention to environmental protection (video)

Amazon founder Jeffrey Preston Bezos, or Jeff Bezos, successfully completed his spacewalk on Tuesday, July 20, at his new Sepahard of Blue Origin. He went on a ten-minute space trip.

This was the first sub-Abiral flight without a pilot. Bezos’ brother Mark, a former test pilot trained in 1960 and the oldest man to ever reach space, 82-year-old Wally Faulkner, and the youngest astronaut, 18-year-old Dutchman Oliver Diemen, were on board.

After his space trip, he said that our enterprise, the factory that destroys the environment, should be established in space and the earth should be allowed to remain as a beautiful planet. The trip has made him even more aware of the safety of the environment and he said he will do his best in that.

He reached the Carmen Line on the journey and the passengers of the spacecraft experienced a total of 4 minutes of weight loss. The Carmen Line (space boundary) is 62 miles long. He also revealed plans to expand Blue Origin’s tourism business in the coming decade.

He also revealed that our earth looks very beautiful from space. He thanked Amazon employees and Amazon customers for making the trip possible.

Just a few days ago, British billionaire Richard Branson also went to space on July 11 as a mission expert in his company Virgin Galactic’s Spaceship to Unity.


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