Lalitpur Metropolitan Municipality has introduced a mobile app where complaints, complaints and alerts can be recorded

Kathmandu. Lalitpur Metropolitan Municipality has released its mobile app. Mayor Chiribabu Maharjan launched a mobile app called LMC Alert through a program on Thursday.

It is said that users can report various alerts and complaints to the metropolis through this mobile app. It is claimed that by opening the app and tapping it three times, any problem, disaster or complaint within the metropolis will directly reach the control room of the metropolis police.

Similarly, even when an ambulance, fire brigade, hearse is needed, it can be requested through the app. Apart from this, complaints and grievances such as broken street lights, broken sewers, black market, structures being built without approval, sidewalk trade, unauthorized advertisements, encroachment of public land can also be recorded through the app.

It is said that even when there is no internet, the app will send information to the metropolis through SMS.

It is believed that this mobile app will help to solve the problems within the metropolitan city in a quick and efficient manner. To download this app for Android click here do it

Last updated: Jan 19, 2080 15:36


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