Launched 'Katha Ho' digital addressing system

Kathmandu. A digital address plate system called 'Kata Ho' has been launched with the aim of organizing the address system of Nepal. Addressgraph Nepal Pvt Ltd, which is working in the field of innovation, under the Ramalakshman Group, has released this platform on the occasion of CAN Infotech 2024 on Wednesday.

According to the company, every house in Nepal will be able to prepare a house address plate within a short time from this platform. For this, the entire territory of the country has been divided into about 15.2 billion plots (pieces) and a different name has been given to each piece by combining Nepali words and numbers. The company said that the names prepared in this way will not be repeated, but will be easy to remember and tell others.

The company says that with the help of this system, you can find any place and reach there. The company has said that this system is not a map but an indispensable infrastructure that can be used on any map.

“Katha Ho” is a grid-based address system that can prepare a digital address anywhere in the country,” the company said. “This system is a state-of-the-art digital address system software and application that can prepare your home address plate in five minutes.”

What are the characteristics?

This system can also work offline to create and find your address. From the platform, anyone can create and paste their home address plate.

According to the company, this system has features such as 'Kata Ho' code, Google's Plus code, QR that rings the doorbell, and the ability to enter the name of your own residence.

The company says that by this, uniformity can be given to the house number plate and the ownership of the plate will be given to the user, so you can keep your plate updated at any time.

Similarly, the company said that the house numbers kept by the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Urban Development and Toll Development Committee can also be kept in this digital address system. Developed after four years of research, 'Kata Ho' can be used through mobile app and web.

The company 'Kata Ho' Android And iOS The app has been released. Apart from the app you WebYou can also use this platform.

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