Lenovo Go accessories include a wireless laptop charger and more

Lenovo Go is a new range of productivity-focused accessories introduced by the company last month. There were just two items announced at the time, but now, it includes a slew of new accessories—the most intriguing of which is the Lenovo Go Wireless Charging Kit.

Lenovo Go accessories:

Here, we have classified the newly released product based on their category so that you can browse through them more easily.


USB-C Wireless Charging Kit

Lenovo Go USB-C Wireless Charging Kit is the most intriguing product of the Go lineup yet, at least to us. It eliminates the need to separate and reattach a power cord, allowing for frequent mobility between the workstation and other areas.

Lenovo Go USB-C Wireless Charging Kit

It’s called a kit since it comes in several pieces. This consists of a plain rubber strip with two POGO pins and a Type-C connector. The strip is connected to the bottom of the notebook which sends power to the laptop via a Type-C port.

Moreover, the length of the charging strip limits it to 13″ and 14″ laptops. It has a power output of 65W, which is typical for Ultrabooks and non-gaming or workstation laptops. The wireless charging kit will be available in October.

Wireless Mobile Power Bank

A new Wireless Mobile Power Bank with a capacity of 10,000mAh and a 20,000mAh USB-C Laptop Power Bank round out the power portfolio. The former can charge your phone wirelessly with a 30W output, while the latter has a 65W output for laptops.

Lenovo Wireless Mobile Power Bank

Lenovo Go Wireless Mobile Power Bank and Lenovo Go USB-C Laptop Power Bank will be available in January and July, respectively.


Wireless Mouse

Moving on, Lenovo has added two new mouse to its Go range of accessories. Let’s first talk about the Lenovo Go USB-C Wireless Mouse. It provides point-and-click capabilities in a lightweight, travel-friendly form factor.

Its rechargeable battery lasts up to three months, and the precise blue optical sensor works on nearly any surface. Users have more control thanks to a programmable utility button and customizable DPI sensitivity.

Lenovo Go Vertical Mouse

Next up is Lenovo Go Wireless Vertical Mouse, which features an optimized angle and curvature, as well as a comfortable “handshake” posture. The design decreases wrist pressure and forearm strain. It is made of a comfortable cork material that is easy to clean.

The USB-C Wireless Mouse and Wireless Vertical Mouse are coming in July and August, respectively.

Wireless Keyboards

Similarly, another oddball item is the Wireless Split Keyboard, which is meant to provide a better palm rest. It provides a more natural typing experience by combining ultra-responsive tactile key feel with vertical tenting. Furthermore, the company released a Wireless Numeric Keypad, which is ideal for accountants and such.

Lenovo Go Wireless Split Keyboard

The Wireless Split Keyboard and Wireless Numeric Keypad are coming in October.


Moving on, Lenovo has a few additional accessories to offer. Wired ANC Headset, Wireless ANC Headset, and ANC In-ear Headphones are among the new audio accessories that feature active noise cancellation. They are all intended to operate in tandem with Microsoft Teams. All three audio products will be available in November.

Accessory Organizer

Lenovo Go Accessory Organizer

Finally, Lenovo has released an on-the-go accessory storage case that can store all of your daily necessities items such as pens, portable chargers, mouse, phones, and so on. It will be available for purchase beginning in September.

Lenovo Go Accessories: Price

Lenovo Go AccessoriesPrice
Wireless Charging KitEUR 139
USB-C Laptop Power Bank (20,000 mAh)EUR 80
Wireless Mobile Power Bank (10,000 mAh)EUR 69
USB-C Wireless MouseEUR 36
Wireless Vertical MouseEUR 49
Wireless Split KeyboardEUR 89
Wireless Numeric KeypadEUR 49
Wired ANC HeadsetEUR 99
Wireless ANC HeadsetEUR 159
ANC In-ear HeadphonesEUR 79
Tech Accessories OrganizerEUR 45
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