Let’s travel together at Nabil Smart Bank

Let’s travel together at Nabil Smart Bank

It has been a long time since I bought a recharge card for my mobile phone and stopped using it. I have not seen such a scene these days.

Gone are the days of having to wait in line to pay your electricity bills and tell a travel company to buy a plane ticket.
Now we have a lot of facilities in our hands, which if used to not only make our lifestyle easier, but also saves money and time.
Why should we use these changes and facilities that have come in our generation? So today I am going to tell you how to use mobile banking at home.
What’s more, I want you and I to travel together in one app. From where we will know clearly how to use mobile banking.
If so, let’s travel together to Smart Nabil Bank. In other words, Nabil Bank has created a mobile app to give its customers as much convenience as possible from mobile, ‘Nabil Smart’.

If you are running Nabil Bank account then you must be running Nabil Smart App. If not here’s a new product just for you!

We all know that you need Nibal Bank account to run Nabil smart app. After ‘activating’ mobile banking by opening a Nabil Bank account, an SMS arrives on your mobile. Along with that SMS comes a link from Google Play Store to download Nabil Smart App. Clicking there will take you directly to the Google Play Store app.

Android users can download ‘Nabil Smart Bank’ app from Google Play Store. You can download it from the Apple App Store for iOS. You don’t have to worry about what to do to run the app. You can open an account by entering the account number you received from SMS and your mobile number.

Now you are ready to visit Nabil Smart Bank. What features does it have and how to use it? We will be watching together.

As soon as you open the app, you get the option to login. Let’s login in a moment. Before that, let’s get information about what can be done without logging in.

As you can see, there are 16 different options at the top, including revenue. From the revenue you can pay taxes and revenue for the government.

Then there is the ‘Electricity’ option. You can pay the electricity bill from here. Then there are ‘airlines’ to buy plane tickets, drinking water, ISP to pay internet bill, TV payment to pay TV, insurance premium, capital for share trading, EMI, bus ticket, cable car, film, travel, social security fund, various offers and all. There are options to pay utility bills like school colleges.

There is a calendar on the top left. On the left side is the QR code and on the same side is the SMS. From SMS, general information, fund transfer, mobile topup, service topup, etc. can be done.
Now let’s get inside the app. There are two options for accessing the app. One, you can enter by entering your phone number and password. You can also use fingerprints instead.

After opening the door and entering, you may have seen various features. It has a menu bar in the top left corner. There are also various options. We will look at that one by one.

At the top you can see your name, account number, account balance. You may have seen three options when you click here.

Or, you can reach the same place from ‘My Account’ below. The first is fund transfer. This will allow you to make payments to another bank. You can send up to Rs 2 lakh to others as per the amount specified by Nepal Rastra Bank.

Another option is ‘Payment’. Payment includes utility bill payment and top-up options. You can pay the bill using various cards from the utility bill payment.

There is another option, ‘Topup’. From here, the list of Ncell, Nepal Telecom, Smartcell, ADSL, Dishome, SIM TV has been kept. From here you can choose the service you want.

Similarly, there is a ‘statement’ as the third option. From where you can see the bank statement.

‘My Account’ contains account details. Like account number, balance all comes. After clicking on the account holder, your account name, account number, bank are mentioned. After that, where the account number is known.

Another feature we know of is ‘Share Your Account’. Share option comes as soon as you share with ‘arrow’ above. When you click on Share, it shows you which social network like Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Email, Viber and other options. From this you can send account information, while using it you should send your information, account details such as where, to whom you are going to send it.

Now that you have come home, there is another option after the top-up, ‘Send Money’. When one person sends money to another person’s account, there are two options. One is called ‘Phone Pay Direct’.

‘Phone Pay’ Direct means if your mobile number is linked to a bank account, as soon as you enter that number, it will transfer money directly to that account number, because that number is linked to a bank account number. If you want to send money to someone, go to ‘Phone Pay Direct’ and you will get the name of the sending bank and your mobile number. Your name and account number do not need to be entered, your account is pulled from the number. For now, we have opened only for a small amount. Up to one lakh can be sent in it.

There is another option, ‘Fund Transfer’. Even if you put the real name of the account and bank account in it, money will come. You also have to fill in the account number. Then the money can be sent. NRB has set a transaction limit of up to Rs 200,000. We have provided the facility as per the threshold of NRB. It sets limits on days, months and quantities.

Similarly, to load money in various mobile wallets from Nabil’s app, you can participate in their scheme. Now we have approved it. We have recorded the utility bill payment under this.

We have just added a new feature to Nabil Bank’s smart app. In the payment option, Nabil Bank has all the cards you have taken, such as debit card, credit card, master card, prepaid card, all of which are linked to it. The advantage of this is that the statement can be seen. You can see all the details of the payment. You don’t have to go to the bank to find out.

Along with the payment, there is another option, ‘Ad Card’. Through this, customers can easily understand all their Nabil Bank cards by placing them in Nabil Bank’s smart app.

Also, if you need to transfer money regularly to your family or anyone else, you can keep your payment as a ‘favorite’. For that, there is an option called ‘Favorite Payment’ in the app. That list is secure. No need to input data frequently.

You can also see another feature in the app, ‘Scan to Pay’. After clicking on this option, a scan of PhonePac appears. After scanning, it automatically pulls the data, name, account number, who will receive the money, who will send it. There are only two things to fill in it. One amount has to be paid and the other has to be paid. You should also be informed about the payment.
You can see the ‘Activities’ and ‘Last 30 Days’ options below all these options. This is the activity of your business.

You can see the menu bar at the top left of the app. Click here to see the ‘Activity Log’. This is what you do in your business.

Here you can see the favorite account, invoice history. Also, you can go to the ‘Complaints’ option for the bank and register a complaint.

It also has setting options. From where you can change the login password, transaction PIN, fingerprint setup and setup settings.

This menu bar also has Connet IPS option. You can pay from any bank. Also, you can see the official calendar of Nabil Bank. Also, you have a shortened form of your name at the top of this menu bar. You can create a profile by clicking on it and putting a photo in the place with the name.

You can also schedule any payment if you wish. Due to this, payment can be made on time. Such a schedule would also make it easier to pay taxes.

There is a ‘balance equation’ of how much money is in the account. It tells you how much money is in the account. Bangkok’s interest accrues on a quarterly basis. It is also possible to see how much interest it has earned so far. The rest of the statement can also be taken.
How do you like this app? You must have liked it. Knowing this, how many facilities can be done from mobile. As you know, this app is very easy to use and there are many features.

With a mobile phone in hand, you don’t have to go to the bank for small tasks. If you look at the mobile app for ten minutes, you will know everything. There is so much to learn. Even if you don’t know, you can find out by calling Nabil Bank’s call center and visiting various branches. Only if the system breaks down, otherwise it works 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Now we are doing this app saver. Now we are trying to work not only for the savers of this mobile app bank, but also for the smart account holders, borrowers, customers who open ‘foreign accounts’, even small micro customers.

Moreover, we are only doing mobile banking when we take the updated version to the Omni channel. More features are added to it. Everything you do on chat, SMS, Facebook comes in one place.

App security

After running mobile banking, it is important to know and pay attention to its security. The first step is to enter a secure password. To keep your password secure, you need to change it from time to time and keep it as simple as possible. Now there is a fear of various phishing and hackers. That is all there is to it.

Recently, the number of people taking advantage of mobile banking has increased a lot. Earlier, when one thousand people opened an account in one day, only 20 people used mobile banking facility, but now 20 people do not use it and 980 people use it.

Some things are being digitized in daily business. This also requires consumers to know how to use mobile banking.

(Krishna Subedi is working as Head of Livelihood Management and Communication at Nabil Bank.)


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