‘Lockdown changed the tone of the song sung by the birds’

According to scientific studies, the singing of birds has changed during the lockdown.

Scientists listened carefully to the sparrow’s voice, which had been recorded for a decade, and found that it was different during the lockdown.

The soundtrack has changed the style of the birds as the cities have calmed down.

Based on the study of scientists According to a BBC report The birds improved the quality of their song to protect their territory and to attract friends.

Many people heard the birds singing loudly, but in the lockdown the sparrows actually sang softly.

Sweet and soft songs were sung due to lack of noise.

Dr. of the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA. Elizabeth Deriberry has been studying for years how noise pollution affects the song of birds.

“People have discovered that birds make different noises during lockouts. Originally, the rumors that people had reduced were found to have been met by birds, ‘Deriberi told the BBC.’ Birds have made up for that shortfall by removing humans from the soundscape. That fact must be taken into account. “

What did the study show?

According to a report published in September last year, a long-term study of white-crowned sparrow songs in and around the San Francisco Bay Area has enabled scientists to compare song quality before and after woodpeckers.

The figures, including their addresses, are astonishing. Most of the time male sparrows sing songs and in quiet times the birds have improved their hungry performance and sang songs in ‘low dimension’. He was also found trying to seduce a female friend while defending his territory.

Dr. According to Deriberi, the noise made by the birds was more enticing as the noise in the lockdown subsided.

She says that this proves how quickly nature returns to its original form when the artificial noise is reduced.

According to him, this study shows that as soon as people reduce noise pollution, it is having an impact on wildlife. This is an exciting thing because of how much time it takes us to improve the environment.

A ‘silent spring’?

Woodcutting is a natural test of how wildlife responds to human-generated sounds.
Traffic conditions near the Golden Gate Bridge were similar to those of the 1950s, and many wrote on social media that wolves looked like coyotes.

Much has been written about the intimacy ‘connection’ people have with nature during the lockdown. Studies have shown that a calm environment benefits both wildlife and humans.

Dr. According to Deriberi, hearing the sounds of birds has a positive effect on human health, and this study has proven that.

What do we know about the song of the sparrow?

The songs of the black-and-white sparrow-headed sparrow, found in many parts of the United States and Canada, were studied in detail.

Different sub-species from all over the country sing different songs from the city which sound sweet. It introduces by playing the whistle.

The sound of sparrows in the San Francisco Bay Area has been recorded since the 1970s. Who has recorded a rare history about the sound of birds.

Just as people talk loudly at a crowded party, so the birds in the city have to adjust their songs to the noise. This is scientifically known as ‘lombard’ or cocktail party effect.

The study, published in Science, was conducted in collaboration with experts from Texas A&M University – San Antonio, Col. Polly, San Luis Obispo, and George Mason University, Fairfax.

-From the BBC


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