Lofa’s open essay competition begins, with a prize of Rs 800,000 to the winner

Lofa’s open essay competition begins, with a prize of Rs 800,000 to the winner

Literacy of Finance for All (LOFA) has launched an open essay competition. The essay competition is aimed at allowing the youth to express their views on the country’s finance, business and financial sector in the current difficult situation.

Essays should be written on business, economics and financial institutions in Nepal and related to enterprise and covid 19 topics. However, the title of the essay can be kept by oneself.

To participate in the competition, the maximum number of words in the essay should be 900. If you have to send the essay in Microsoft Word or PDF file. The font size of the essay is 12.

The language written in the essay should be clear and concise and the essay should be written by the contestant himself. The organizer has informed that such essay will be canceled if it is found to have been transferred from somewhere.

In writing the essay, if any help has been taken from anyone, any source has been thanked, the subject matter has to be mentioned.

Students participating in the 2077 SEE examination, youths aged 15-22 will be able to participate in the competition. Until next August 10 [email protected] The essay can be sent to To register to participate in this program click here Do it

The results of the competition will be based on 70 percent decision of the jury, 20 percent comments on the website and 10 percent likes and comments on Facebook.

Students of SEE participating in the competition have been provided 25 percent to 100 percent scholarship, up to Rs 3,000 in cash and other gifts.

Similarly, among the other participants, the first will be awarded Rs 5,000, the second Rs 4,000, the third Rs 3,000 and the fourth Rs 2,000. Gifts are also provided.

Other organizations including, Sharing Opportunity and My Education have helped Lofa to conduct this competition.


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