Lost your CRN number? Here’s an easy way to find out from my stock

If you are trading stocks and filing an IPO, you must know the CRN number. CRN stands for Customer Relationship Number.

When you open my share account, the bank gives you a CRN number. Which is mandatory when filing an IPO.

IPOs are not always coming. After some time, the CRN number may have been forgotten while filling the IPO.

If you have forgotten the CRN number, you don’t have to rush to the bank. You can easily find out your own CRN number from my share account.

Some banks have a bank account number with a CRN number. For example, Nabil Bank keeps the CRN number for the account number. In that case, you don’t have to do much to find the CRN number.

However, many banks have given separate CRN numbers by adding the alphabet. Today we are giving you information on how to find CRN numbers from my stock.

How to know CRN from my stock?

First, log in to My Share and go to Dashboard. There is a ‘My Bank Request’ with various options on the left side, click on it.

After doing so, right-click. After right-click, various options come up. If you look at the end, you can see the option called ‘Inspect’.

Click on Inspect. Element, console, source, network options appear at the top after opening the aspect. Click on the network. Now various options like Al, XHR, Jess appear. Click on XHR. Now refresh my share opening website once.

After refresh, different options, different numbers come. Different numbers come from your bank. For example, NIC Asia has 2301 numbers, commercial banks have 201 numbers and some have 301 numbers. These numbers may have been repeated.

You have to look at one of these numbers by clicking on the numbers. As is the case with NIC Asia, the last number is 2301 when cleaning.

In the right part comes various information. It contains various information about your bank account. So it has to be looked at in a safe way.

There is various information including your name, bank account number. One of these is the CRN number. And note down your CRN number. After noting the CRN number, you can turn off the aspect.

Rabins Sharma Lamichhane

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