LSU Beach Volleyball Gets Sound Upgrade

“Over the years, many of our facilities have received upgrades or we’ve needed to replace systems,” said Terrance Bold, director of audio and visual services at LSU. “This installation was new unlike those prior projects.”

The design of the new system was completed by AJP Consulting and Sound Advice from Baton Rouge, Louisiana completed the installation.

Danley Sound Labs western sales manager Kim Comeaux was also involved in the project.

“Danley SH96HO and GO2-8CX loudspeakers were the perfect choice for this installation,” said Comeaux. “We also used Danley TH412 subwoofers for the low end of the system. Just like all of the Danley Sound Labs’ systems on campus, this one brings an appropriate ‘punch’ to their sound and really creates a festive environment – perfect for LSU Athletics.”

Danley Sound Labs’ amplifiers, loudspeakers, and subwoofers can be found across LSU Athletics facilities including Alex Box Stadium, Carl Maddox Field House, and Tiger Stadium.

“The level of clarity from music to announcements are equally balanced,” said LSU’s Terrance Bold. “The projection and even coverage across the entire stadium from a single location with minimal need for cabinets is unique to point source loudspeaker suppliers like Danley. It performs as if the scoreboard was loaded with multiple speakers pointed in many positions.”

To date, there have been no complaints about the new system. According to Bold, coaches, athletes and administrators are pleased with the system’s performance.

“As both an LSU fan and a Danley employee, I’m always excited to go to LSU events,” said Comeaux. “You can always tell that the fans enjoy the audio system as much as they do the game. It sets the tone for the quality and performance you’ll see on the court and on the field from LSU’s student athletes.”

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