Magnetic helmets can be used to remove malignant tumors

Magnetic helmets can be used to remove malignant tumors

The world’s first test of a magnetic helmet has succeeded in removing a malignant tumor. So far, we’ve all heard of AI detecting tumors, but this is the first time the tumor has been cured.

Researchers have developed a new magnetic helmet that creates a magnetic field that heals tumors by a third. The test was performed on a 53-year-old patient. In a short time, the patient’s tumor was found to be reduced by 31 percent.

This process is called glioblastoma. The magnetic helmet has three rotating magnets that are powered by a microprocessor-based electrical controller.

The test patient wore the helmet five days a week at the clinic and at home with the help of his wife. Initially the magnetic field was given for only 2 hours but later it was given at the rate of 6 hours per day.

After further modification, the helmet could one day cure brain cancer without radiation or chemotherapy, say researchers.


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