Mahabachat Bazaar of drawers starts, chance to win iPhone 12 for Rs

Mahabachat Bazaar of drawers starts, chance to win iPhone 12 for Rs

These are discount offers

Ecommerce company Daraj has launched ‘Daraj Mahabachat Bazaar’ campaign from Sunday. The company has started the campaign with the objective of promoting savings for the customers.

The main highlights of the campaign are discounts of up to Rs 4,000, discounts of up to Rs 2,000 on online pre-payments through bank card or IME pay, chances to win an iPhone 12 for Rs 1, a chance to win a MacBook Pro 13 as a bumper gift, free delivery, free vouchers and many more prizes. Is

In this campaign, attractive discounts are available on pre-payment from cards of Nabil Bank, Sanima Bank, Machhapuchhe Bank and NMB Bank.

Debit card holders of these banks will get a discount of 15 percent (up to Rs 1,500) while credit card holders will get a discount of 20 percent (up to Rs 2,000) on card pre-payment.

The offer is only available for a limited time, the company said. Similarly, customers can further reduce the price by pre-paying through their IME Pay.

Customers who pay through IME Pay will get a 20 percent (up to Rs 1,000) discount on all their purchases.

In addition, first-time Visa card payers will be able to get up to 20 percent discount. Up to 15 percent (Rs. 500) discount on pre-payment through Visa Debit Card and 20 percent (Rs. 500) on prepayment through Visa Credit Card.

By participating in ‘Khel Ek Rupee’ at Daraj Mahabachat Bazaar, customers can win prizes like iPhone 12 worth Rs 133,000 and Shree Balaji Hirako Jhumka worth Rs 50,000 for just Rs 1.

To participate in the game, customers can pay Rs 1 using a bank card or their IME pay account. If not won, the money will be refunded, according to the drawer.

According to Daraj, a new Samsung F22 smartphone has been launched in the Daraj Mahabachat market and price cuts will also be displayed in various product categories.

Top national and international brands such as Suzuki, Samsung, Panasonic, Motorola, CG Digital, Eric, Lotto, Titan, Goldstar, Spice Beads, Wildstone, and Mimi offer special discounts on their other products.


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