Mesh-Wifi Internet Package, Price, Smart Installations

WorldLink Communications has launched the Photon series with Photon 300. With this, WorldLink promises to give up to 300 Mbps internet speed across all corners of your house.

Worldlink Photon

In order to give seamless Wifi coverage across the house, WorldLink is installing multiple Wi-Fi routers in a Mesh Wi-Fi network system.

If you want to know what is mesh Wi-Fi system and if you need it or not, scroll down the page.

WorldLink Photon 300 Plans and Pricing

Mesh Wi-Fi systems don’t come cheap. The same can be expected here. The charges of the Mesh routers alone are very expensive and on top of that, WorldLink is charging Rs. 3,000 just for the installation, that also if only 2 or less than 2 mesh routers are installed.

Months 300 Mbps (With TV) 300 Mbps (Without TV)
1 Month Rs. 2200 Rs. 2100
3 Months Rs. 6450 Rs. 6150
12 Months Rs. 22000 Rs. 21000
One Time Charge Dual Band (ONU) Drop Wire Deposit (ONU) Smart Installation
1 Month Rs. 2500 Rs. 500 Rs. 500 Rs. 3000
3 Months Rs. 2000 Rs. 500 Rs. 500 Rs. 3000
12 Months Free Free Rs. 500 Rs. 3000

For every Beacon 1.1 Beacon 1.1 Rental Beacon 1.1 Deposit1 Month Rs. 4000 Rs. 25003 Months Rs. 3000 Rs. 250012 Months Rs. 2000 Rs. 2500

*The rate mentioned here is up to 2 Beacon 1.1. routers. For the 3rd or more Beacon 1.1 routers, the installation charges will be Rs. 8000 each.

NetTV Installation

One Time Charge for STM Primary STB Primary STB Deposit
1 Month Rs. 3000 Rs. 500
3 Months Rs. 2500 Rs. 500
12 Months Free Rs. 500

Available Locations

Currently, the Photon 300 plan is only available in a limited number of places. That includes Battisputali, New Baneshwor, Dhungedhara, Gatthaghar, Sallaghari, Baluwatar, Pepsicola, Koteshwor, Manbhawan, Sitapaila, Dholahiti, Kalimati, Bansbari, Kirtipur, Satungal, Kaldhara, Boudhha, Banepa, Balaju, Imadol, and Kapan.

Nokia Beacon 1.1

Nokia Beacon 1.1 is a mesh router WorldLink is using for the mesh Wi-Fi system. It is a dual-band router (2.4GHz up to 500 mW + 5GHz up to 1W) and supports Wi-Fi 5.

One Nokia Beacon 1.1 can cover up to 1500 sq. ft. of area.

What is Mesh Wi-Fi System?

Mesh Wi-Fi system is a Wi-Fi system that is built to give Wi-Fi coverage to every corner of your house—eliminating dead zones—using multiple mesh routers.

Difference Between a Mesh Wi-Fi Router and a Traditional Range Extender or Secondary Router?

Traditional secondary routers just repeat the Wi-Fi signal to a limited area. And for every router added as a range extender, you need to create a separate network with a separate SSID.

Whereas, with the Mesh Wi-Fi routers, all the routers act as the same network, so you don’t have to keep switching Wi-Fi networks.

Traditional routers broadcast Wi-Fi from a single point. When used as a repeater, the router has to route requests through multiple networks.

But mesh Wi-Fi systems have multiple access points capturing and rebroadcasting the router’s signal, so all the access points broadcast the same signal, minimizing the lag.

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Do I Need Mesh Wi-Fi System?

If you have a large home, with multiple thick brick walls and with multiple stories, then yes. You might need a Mesh Wi-Fi system to cover all the corners of your house.

A traditional router alone would not be able to cover all the areas of a such large house. Hence, you may encounter dead zones.

But if you live in a small house, then the mesh Wi-Fi system would be overkill.

What do you think of the Worldlink Photon? Would you install it in your home? Let us know in the comments!

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