Meta will release an AI that speaks like Abraham Lincoln

Meta is going to release an artificial intelligence (AI) that speaks like the former US president Abraham Lincoln. According to the report, Facebook’s parent company is preparing different types of chatbots that show different personalities. It is said that this chatbot of Meta can be launched at the beginning of September.


People associated with this project of Meta said that the company is working on prototypes of such chatbots. It can interact with its users like humans. With the help of this chatbot, Meta wants to increase user engagement on its social media platforms.

According to reports, one of these chatbots can talk like the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. According to the report, this chatbot will give its suggestions to the users along with the search function.

Meta released language model Lama 2 a few days ago. With its help, other companies can create chatbots for themselves. There are two versions of Lama 2. One of these is Lama 2 and the other is Lama 2-Chat. Lama 2 is designed for two-way communication.

Google has also developed Palm 2, a language model similar to OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT. In addition, Amazon is planning to bring AI support to make its virtual assistant Alexa more interactive.

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