Mikha, a video communication platform made in Nepal, is also ready to serve abroad

It is said, ‘There is an enterprise between the problem and the solution.’ Entrepreneurs are those who can identify problems and provide solutions. Until recently, in Nepal, to open a bank account and update KYC, one had to go to the bank and fill out a long form.

Although there is a facility to open an account online abroad, there was no such facility in Nepal. This was a problem. But Bitscraft recognized this problem and developed a system to solve it.

That’s the name of the system.Mikha‘. Mikha means eye in Newari language. Inspired by that, its name has been changed to Mikha.

bitscraft is an IT company, which has been providing services such as software development, website development, mobile app development, data analysis, business automation, AoOT, robotics, etc.

Niraj Shah, co-founder of Bitscraft, said that the idea of ​​Mikha came before the Corona epidemic, but the Corona epidemic gave it more strength.

‘Mikha’s idea came before the Corona epidemic. The epidemic gave more strength to realize that idea,’ he told ICT news, ‘The idea came to work when it was not possible to visit the bank during the epidemic.’

Niraj Shah, Co-Founder, Bitscraft

Mikha is a video communication platform. At the initial stage, they plan to start with the facility of updating the bank’s KYC and opening an account through video, but they plan to take Mikha to other areas.

‘Initially we have targeted the bank itself. Now we will go to other areas such as health and education,’ he says happily.

Video KYC service is popular abroad but it was new for Nepal. This technology was new in Nepal. In the initial stage, there was fear whether people would adopt the new technology or not, but contrary to their expectations, people started using mikha with pleasure.

Among those who use mikha the most are Nepalese living abroad. It is believed that the company is popular because of the ‘flexibility’ of the software. The company plans to add new features to Mikha.

One of the best aspects of Mikha is that it can be customized and used according to your needs and convenience. Mainly it can be integrated in the bank’s system.

Shah says that mikha can be used in all the work where the bank and the customer have to be ‘face to face’. Initially, Lakshmi Bank started using Mikha. After that, Jyoti Bikas Bank and Global IME Bank are also using Mikha.

According to him, customer data does not go out from Mikha and it is also safe. Data does not go out from Mikha. Streaming is in the cloud. The recordings are all stored on the bank’s server,’ Niraj said, ‘Video communication from Mikha is done in a secure manner. No one can intercept from this.’

Mikha has also installed an AI system for customer facial recognition. Geo location tracking is also available. If an organization says that it does cloud streaming itself, then that facility is also available in Mikha. They say that it is easier to identify customers online than physically.

Everyone has given positive feedback to Mikha so far. Mikha is probably the first video communication platform of Nepal made in Nepal.

Like Mikha, foreign companies are providing such services in the market. There is competition in the market. ‘There is competition in the market, it is good to have competition. We are competing with foreigners, we are proud of that,’ he says.

Mikha has achieved some success in Nepal. With success in Nepal, Mikha is now preparing to enter abroad. He informed that mikha will be used outside Nepal within this year.

He further said, ‘wherever ‘face to face’ video communication is required, we are working so that Mikha can be used.’

‘Teamwork’ is important in the success of any product. Even if you start alone to make a product, ultimately the team is the most important thing. Mikha now has a dedicated team of 12 people. Shah says that team work is the reason for the success so far.

They do not trust Nepali products at all. It is customary to wrinkle your nose as soon as Nepali products are mentioned. Mikha has succeeded in overcoming that challenge. His experience is that winning trust is the biggest challenge.

He said that 24-hour support will be provided according to the needs of the customers. Mikha also received the Product ICT Award product in 2021. According to him, ICITY Award has played a very big role in the promotion of Mikha.

‘ICITY Award 2022 nominations are open. I request everyone to apply for it,’ he said, ‘ICITY Award is important to take your idea to a new level, refine it, increase networking and open the door to investment.’

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