MIT has created an affordable prosthetic arm for victims to feel

MIT has created an affordable prosthetic arm for victims to feel

MIT has developed an affordable prosthetic arm that will allow amputees to feel. Neuroprosthetics are developing rapidly every year. MIT has partnered with Shanghai Xiao Tong University to build a डलर 500 neuroprosthetic.

Before using it, a hand-made elastometer called Ecoflex should be filled with air. This device has an electric motor. Which allows the air-filled balloon-like fingers to fold. It makes it easier to handle some things.

The device understands how the user intends to use the device using software called decode. The decoder translates the EMG signal sent by the brain to the injured hand. This device weighs 0.23 kg. The device uses a pressure sensor to make sense.

The device sends electrical signals to the user’s hands that do not move when he touches or squeezes something. It doesn’t take long to learn how to use it. Within 15 minutes, two volunteers had learned how to write using a pen and how to do other things. The manufacturer has said that it can be made and sold at a lower price.


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