MNS Acquires HamroBazar, Rohit Tiwari Appointed as CEO of the Company

MNS Investments has officially announced today that it has acquired Hamrobazar, a leading classified marketplace in Nepal.

MNS Acquires HamroBazar

“We have always marveled at how Hamrobazar has remained the unquestioned leader of Nepal’s digital marketplace and we believe that we can take the company to even greater heights,” writes the release announced by MNS Investments.

According to the release, Rohit Tiwari has been appointed as CEO of the company.

Similarly, the Founder of HamroBazar, Prabal Saakha writes “For a little over a decade, my team and I have managed and grown Nepal’s foremost online market company. Now, I am pleased to announce that we have sold HamroBazaar to MNS Investments,” in a statement announced in social media.

“I am especially grateful that this deal has been made with MNS because the team spearheading its ecosystem of diverse tech-enabled companies practices a dynamic management style that is perfect for unleashing HamroBazar’s true potential. I am confident that MNS is the ideal steward for leading HamroBazar into the future,” he adds in the statement.

With this acquisition, Foodmario has also become a part of HamroBazar. FoodMario is an online food delivery venture who was co-founded by Tiwari.

“With MNS Investments acquiring Hamrobazar–to take Nepal’s digital marketplace to greater heights–Foodmario has also expanded its mission and become a part of Hamrobazar. Henceforth, Hamrobazar will be led by our Co-founder and CEO, Mr. Rohit Tiwari. We are extremely excited about our two teams becoming one,” reads an announcement in Foodmario’s Facebook handle.

HamroBazar is an online classifieds website that gives free advertisement space to individuals or companies to enlist their products (first hand and second hand) for buying and selling online. The users can buy and sell a wide range of products including electronics, automobiles, accessories to tour packages as well.


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