Mobile app for children ‘Nepali Vanarmala 2’ made public

Mobile app for children ‘Nepali Vanarmala 2’ made public

While millions of children are being deprived of education due to the corona virus, Future Education of Science and Technology (FEST) Company has launched the free Nepali Vanarmala 2 digital app on Google Play Store.

The app has consonant characters, drawing, knowledge science, games and intellectual development for children.

“Nepali Vanarmala is a Nepali digital app designed for Nepali children,” said Dhirendra Chandra Sodari, president of Fest Company. The app will also help in intellectual development in sports and entertainment.

The company has stated that the children’s time will be spent on mental and intellectual development by focusing on the children through video and various entertaining activities in this app.

The Nepali alphabet app has been introduced in Nepali, and this app will be updated from time to time in the native language of Nepal, said Vicky Mahat, founder and CEO of Fest Company. Also this app will be updated once a week. The Nepali alphabet contains seven lists.

The school includes consonants, vowels, number recognition, color recognition, months and weeks, seasons, sound recognition.

The game involves drawing pictures, playing a picture, playing a letter, listening to sounds, and so on.

Fest is working especially in the field of education. The Nepali alphabet app will also be updated in different languages.


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