Mortgages To Mutual Funds: How Much Do You Know About Money?

Mortgages To Mutual Funds: How Much Do You Know About Money?

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Money talks, but have you been listening?

April is Financial Literacy Month. We want to know just how much you know about your financial resources. Put your financial literacy to the test with our 10-question quiz below!

How did you do?

Unless you scored 10/10 ( kudos to you if you did!), there’s likely a topic you could benefit from exploring more in detail. After all, financial literacy is knowledge about a wide variety of financial resources. So if you were left guessing on more than one question, don’t worry. You have time (and resources!) to learn more through TFNB Your Bank for Life.

For an interactive lesson on topics like mortgages and home-buying, saving for retirement, and everyday banking basics, visit the Financial EDGE Academy.

Explore our course topics below.

When you’re ready, head over to explore whatever interests you. It’s completely free and you can take each lesson at your own speed!

Remember: April is Financial Literacy Month. Celebrate by learning something new today.

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