Musk, who criticized AI, opened his own AI company

Elon Musk has opened his own artificial intelligence i.e. AI company. Lately, Musk has been criticizing AI, but now he has opened his own AI company.


The name of the AI ​​company opened by Musk is X.AI Corp. Musk is the only director of this company.

Musk is very fond of the letter X. Because he recently named Twitter Inc. as X Corp. Musk has worked in AI before.

Musk was the co-founder of OpenAI, the company that created ChatGPT. But after the popularity of ChatzPity increased, Musk himself wrote an open letter to the US government and said that it should be banned for 6 months.

He also said that ChatGPT is politically biased, but now he has opened his own company.

Musk recently purchased 10,000 GPUs for AI, so it can be understood that his work in the field of AI is progressing rapidly.

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