Nabil Bank launched ‘Mobile Cash’ service, now no card needed to withdraw money from ATMs

It is now possible to withdraw money from Nabil Bank’s ATM machine even without a card. For this, the bank has launched Nabil ‘Mobile Cash Service’.

To withdraw money from an ATM machine without an ATM card, you must link your ATM card to Nabil Bank’s mobile banking app.

According to the bank, you can withdraw up to 25,000 at one time and up to 1 lakh per day by using Nabil Mobile Cash service. Similarly, up to 4 lakh rupees can be withdrawn monthly.

For this, you must first be a Nabil Bank mobile banking user. Then login by entering your number and password. And there you will see an option called Mobile Cash, click on it. Then submit by keeping the amount you want to withdraw and remarks.

After submission you will receive a one time password. OTP will be valid for 30 minutes. After getting the code, go to the nearest Nabil Bank ATM.

Then you will see the cardless feature on the ATM machine. You have to enter the OTP code and the amount you want to withdraw. Remember that the amount you wish to withdraw from the mobile banking app and the amount deposited at the ATM must be the same.

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