Nabil Bank launches ‘Nabil Digi Workspace’ to upgrade employee skills

Nabil Bank launches ‘Nabil Digi Workspace’ to upgrade employee skills

Nabil Bank has brought ‘Nabil Digi Workspace’ to upgrade the efficiency of its employees. This will replace the current intranet.

All the employees will go to the Nabil DG workspace and enter their daily work and the process of the work will be taken forward through the electronic system.

Inaugurating the Nabil DG workspace, Chairman of the Bank Upendra Prasad Poudel said that a paperless working environment is needed now.

On the occasion, Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Bank Sujit Kumar Shakya approved the work in the Nabil DG Workspace.

In the Nabil Digi workspace, employees can easily find out where they have to do their daily work and who they have with one click.

The bank is confident that this will complete the work in less time and provide faster service to the customers.

From now on, employees who approve files will receive system alerts and will be able to approve customer actions by looking at the files uploaded there.

This will help you to get things done faster without paperwork. Nabil Bank has been providing services to customers through 135 branches, 176 ATMs and more than 1500 Nabil remittance agents.


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