NASA sends device ‘TEMPO’ to measure air pollution quality

The American space agency NASA has sent a device to measure pollution in space in collaboration with Elon Musk’s company SpaceX. With the sending of this device, NASA has claimed that pollution can now be measured in space.


Elon Musk has given the name Tempo to the device that measures the quality of air pollution. The said Tempo was launched into space by NASA on 7 Aprilwho is

This tempo, sent by NASA, can do its work in an area of ​​4 square miles from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean and from Canada to Mexico. NASA claims that this device is the first tool to measure so much pollution on Earth from space.

In addition, NASA claims that it can provide pollution monitoring data every hour and can also find out the three main reasons why pollution occurs.

This device in the shape of a washing machine will rotate with the rotation of the earth, that is, at the speed at which the earth rotates, the tempo will also rotate at the same speed, which will reveal the data of the entire day.

According to NASA, it can predict what happened throughout the day and what may happen next.

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