Ncell concert will be held on June 13 at Hatkhola Maidan in Biratnagar

Ncell Aziata Limited will hold a concert on Saturday 13th June at Hatkhola Maidan in Biratnagar. Famous artists and musical groups will perform in the program.


Ncell is going to organize this musical program with the aim of exchanging happiness with family members, relatives and friends of Nepalese brothers and sisters who are living abroad through musical program. The program will start from 2 pm and will be held till 9 pm.

Famous singers Deepak Bajracharya and Rhythm Band, Ashish Rana (Laure), Shiv Pariyar, The Elements, Asmita Adhikari, Sunil Pandit, artist Kiki Adhikari will entertain the audience with their special performances.

Also, this concert will be broadcast live from Ncell’s Facebook page. Due to this, not only the residents of Biratnagar, but all Nepali brothers and sisters living in the country and abroad will be able to enjoy the program.

Spectators interested in participating in this concert can get tickets for this concert for free by purchasing an international calling pack, Sahayatri SIM or recharging the balance from the nearest Ncell Center or the Ncell Shop app of the official seller.

Keeping in mind the Nepalis and their family members who are planning to go abroad for employment, Ncell has been providing ‘Sahayatri SIM’ starter pack with attractive bundle services, bonus facilities and roaming.

Similarly, the company has been providing various voice packs to stay in touch with their families abroad at affordable rates.

Ncell believes that this musical program will entertain Nepali brothers and sisters abroad and their families in Nepal.

They can get information about the services and facilities provided by the company through Ncell’s stall at the venue.

In order to participate in this program, Ncell has invited the customers to buy international calling pack, Sayatri SIM or recharge the balance to get free tickets.

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