Ncell launches new ‘Data Always On’ campaign

Ncell launches new ‘Data Always On’ campaign

Ncell Axiata Limited on Monday announced the launch of a new ‘Data Always On’ campaign focusing on the expansion of its Forge service.

The campaign encourages people to stay connected and on with the Ncell Forge network to take advantage of the opportunities available through mobile broadband services.

Ncell has expanded its Forge service to more than two-thirds of the country’s population by bringing its customers access to high-speed mobile broadband services in line with its commitment to provide world-class service and customer experience through innovative technologies.

Despite the dire situation caused by the Covid-19 epidemic, Ncell has expanded its Forge broadband service to more than 550 local levels in the country and is working to expand the service to the remaining locations.

High speed internet and mobile broadband Forge / LTE services have been making significant contribution to Nepal’s digitalisation journey.

According to Ncell, the epidemic has made it necessary for economies to accelerate their digital journey, not weaken, and accelerate the recovery process by taking advantage of broadband.

Playing a key role in the development of the country’s communications and information technology sector, Ncell is committed to ensuring access to high-speed internet services across the country and contributing to achieving the national goal of building a digital Nepal.

Customers can easily avail Ncell’s SIM to avail the Forge service and customers using 3G SIM can upgrade their SIM to Forge for free from the nearest Ncell Center, Ncell Store or Ncell’s official store i.e. get a new Forge SIM at the number they are using.

With the improved frequency efficiency under the Forge / LTE technology, high speed internet service will be available, allowing customers to use more and better applications on their mobile devices, exchange important large files instantly, and easily watch high quality video content, Ncell said. .

High-speed data connectivity has become a basic requirement for economic and human development as it has the potential to deliver essential services such as education and health.

The company says it is also critical to the growing digital divide, to reduce inequality and to the various opportunities needed for social development at the community level.

After the impact of Covid-19, it has become essential to stay in touch with one’s family, friends and relatives, to work from home and work in distance education, i.e. online classes.

The company says that Ncell is committed to provide various services and offers at affordable rates under this ‘Data Always On’ campaign to encourage its customers to stay digitally connected.

Ncell customers can activate various data packs as per their requirement by dialing * 17123 # and the packs can also be activated from various online platforms like Ncell app and website.

Ncell is providing data services to more than 7.2 million customers across the country, of which 4.8 million customers are using Ncell’s Forge service.

Also watch this video on the theme ‘Data is always on’


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