Ncell revised international call charges to 19 countries

Ncell revised international call charges to 19 countries

Ncell Axiata Limited has revised the international call charges of 19 countries of the world with effect from 21st June.

The new charges are in line with the approved charges and call rates provided by the Nepal Telecommunication Authority to other telecommunication service providers.

The Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTAA) on June 26 approved Ncell for Italy, Malta, Germany, Tajikistan, Jordan, Thailand, Latvia, Slovenia, Maldives, Belgium, Estonia, Croatia, Finland, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Syrian Arab Republic, New Lithuania and Lithuania. International call charges were approved.

With this approval from NEA, Ncell’s international call charges for these countries are now equal to the minimum charges being charged by other service providers as per the approval of NEA.

According to the new revised international call charges, the fee for the above 18 countries has been fixed at Rs 30 per minute excluding tax, while the Maldives has been set at Rs 30.65 per minute excluding call charges. Earlier, calls to these countries ranged from Rs 4.99 to Rs 15 per minute, depending on the destination country.

Still, Ncell’s call charges per minute for the Maldives are much lower than those charged by other service providers, the company said.

For the past five years, Ncell has been incurring huge losses in revenue from international calls due to the fact that the retail rate is much lower than the cost incurred by the company for international calls and the partners of the respective countries have increased their fees since 2016.

In addition, Ncell has been providing international call facility to its customers at 6 times less than the approved call charges of other service providers.

From 2016 to April 2021, Ncell has incurred unrealistic losses on its international call service. In the last five years, Ncell has lost more than Rs 275 million in international call revenue.

Calls to some European destinations are still much higher than the approved rates, so Ncell will still be at a loss in terms of ensuring customer service, even after the current tariff modifications for these countries.

Although the call fee approved by the authority is Rs. 30 per minute, the call fee of some European destinations is up to Rs. 1,170.30 excluding tax depending on the destination country.

Ncell is committed to providing quality services at affordable rates and connecting everyone with the benefits it offers by further enhancing digital connectivity.

From its inception to the last Fiscal Year 2076/77, Ncell has remitted more than Rs. 242 billion in taxes and fees to the Government.

As one of the largest taxpayers in the country, Ncell has a significant role to play in the social and economic development of Nepal and will continue to conduct sustainable business operations for the benefit of the country.

Ncell has so far spent more than Rs. 1.27 billion under its Professional Social Responsibility Initiative and has been carrying out various social works by giving priority to health, education and environment while contributing to the socio-economic development of the country.


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