Nepal Electricity Authority will provide smart meters across the country from now on

Nepal Electricity Authority will provide smart meters across the country from now on

Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has put forward various schemes for smart meter connection to provide quality electricity service to the customers.

NEA, which has been connecting around one lakh smart meters under two distribution centers in Kathmandu, has started work with the idea of ​​connecting smart meter systems across the valley and gradually across the country.

NEA has started replacing all the old customers of Ratna Park and Maharaj Distribution Center with meter smart.

It is stated that about 52,000 smart meters have been connected so far under the Kathmandu Valley Smart Metering Project with the concessional loan of the Asian Development Bank. There are 97,000 customers in the area.

According to project chief Rabindra Shrestha, the connection process, which was disrupted for some time due to the corona epidemic, is now running smoothly.

“After our engineers and staff became infected due to the epidemic, the work was stopped for some time,” he said. “After the customers started feeling comfortable and the technicians recovered, up to 450 units are being connected daily.”

China’s Pingo and Wisdom Company had won the contract for the electricity meter. About Rs. 94 crore has been borrowed from ADB for this purpose.

The project management directorate of NEA is planning to expand this project across the Kathmandu Valley through concessional loan from ADB.

ADB has agreed to this, although no agreement has been reached. NEA management is currently preparing the bidding documents.

NEA plans to make the meters of around 375,000 customers smart, apart from 97,000 customers at present.

Sax of frequency

After connecting the smart meter, NEA can get the customer’s electricity consumption details from its own office. For this, the customer’s meter needs GPS or radio frequency.

GPS is difficult and even expensive to operate on a large scale. NEA has already sent a proposal to the Ministry of Communications and Telecommunication Authority for radio frequency.

According to NEA sources, the NEA has planned to charge Rs 2 billion annually for the demand for utility frequencies ranging from 393 to 398.5 but the NEA has been arguing that it should be provided free of cost as per international practice.

The authority management plans to send the meter reader instead of paying that fee. The Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation has submitted a proposal for the frequency to the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and the Ministry of Finance a few days ago. After their approval, the proposal has to be approved by the Council of Ministers.

NEA is currently receiving the details by sending GPS system or meter reader to the existing three-phase TOD and customer smart meter as per convenience.

Why smart meters

After connecting the smart meter, the authority can measure the meter bill of the customer’s house with the help of radio frequency and the customer can also control his electricity consumption. Through the app, the customer can get the details related to electricity.

Moreover, the attractive aspect of this is that the customers connected to solar energy will be able to sell their surplus to the solar power authority.

Customers can get the status of their home’s electricity consumption from their mobile wherever they are.

It also has the facility to turn on or off the electricity service remotely. From this, customers can see real time consumption.

Smart meters across the country

Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) is going to provide smart meter powered electricity meters to all types of customers from now on. Till now, such meters have been provided to three-phase and TOD customers, but now single-phase customers will also be provided with smart meters.

“For this, we have invited tenders for the purchase of 500,000 units of smart technology meters,” said Harraj Neupane, Deputy Executive Director of NEA. ‘

NEA had been importing electronic meters earlier. Smart system can be connected by connecting modem even in those meters. GorkhapatraFrom


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