‘Nepal Online School’ teaches students up to bachelor’s courses for free on YouTube

In the current digital era, the use of information technology has become mandatory in every field. Internet access has started reaching villages. Smartphones are seen in everyone’s hand. In such a situation, reading materials are also available online.


Earlier, children had to go to school to study. But now that situation is slowly ending. Even if you don’t go to school, you can study courses of different classes sitting at home. For this, various online learning platforms are available in the market.

than any other learning platform available in the market Nepal Online School It’s a bit special. Especially in the sense that all education is free in Nepal Online School.

Courses up to Bachelors of Nepal Online School YouTube channelare available for free. Online school in Nepal is available only on YouTube, where thousands of students are currently studying.

Founder Navin Bhattarai said that Nepal Online School was launched with the slogan ‘Free Education for All’.

‘Now there is discrimination in education. “Students across the country have not received the same education,” said Bhattarai, the founder of Nepal Online School.

Nepal Online School is a non-profit digital learning platform built by students for students. More than 29,000 lectures have been placed as videos on Nepal Online School’s YouTube channel.

He says that courses up to bachelors, solutions of old question papers and solutions of model questions are posted on YouTube. Apart from this, Nepal Online School has also been providing students with notes on related topics.

Founder, Navin Bhattarai

Nepal Online School was established 8 years ago. In the beginning, access to technology was not much. At that time, students were being taught offline for free.

Gradually, as the access to the Internet and information technology increased, it started teaching on YouTube from 2017. There are not only courses from UKG to Ballers on the YouTube channel.

Apart from that, there are videos of additional subjects such as handwriting, drawing, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, English, Sanskrit, Nepali language etc.

He informed that now they are making master’s level courses, Ayurveda, music, art, spirituality and classes for people with special abilities.

These courses will be available on Nepal Online School’s YouTube channel from May 1st. All the videos are made based on the syllabus approved by the government.

Every day millions of students are studying from Nepal Online School. According to Bhattarai, the data of more than 2 lakh people studying from Nepal Online School is seen in Google Analytics.

Not only people from Nepal but also people living abroad are studying on YouTube. Females are less than males in the number of students and most of them are in the age group of 14 to 25 years.

He says that Nepal Online School is not a competitor but a helper of students. ‘We have not come to replace anyone. We have not come to compete with anyone,’ he said to ICITY News, ‘We have come to support teachers and students.’

Nepal Online School does not only teach curriculum based subjects. Along with this, language, public service preparation class, entrance exam preparation class and other subjects are also taught.

“We are trying to give not only book knowledge but also the education that students need in the 21st century,” he continues.

Currently, more than 500 volunteers from the country and abroad are teaching in Nepal Online School with selfless spirit. If any teacher who is teaching has financial crisis, it has also been helping.

If a student has to study individually, Nepal Online School has also been doing the work of connecting teachers and students. There is also a set criteria for volunteers, there is a separate team to select volunteers.

They are teaching students using technology like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, Gotu Meeting, Wacom. There is a team of 6 people only to manage the technology.

Nepal Online School is also working together with schools across the country. From integrating videos on the school website to providing courses on pen drives and hard disks to schools in remote areas.

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