Nepal remit agreement with Hanpass of Korea

A remittance payment agreement has been signed between Korea’s Hanpass Remit and Nepal Remit International, which has been importing remittances to Nepal from various countries around the world. Along with this, it will be easy for Nepalis in Korea to send remittances to Nepal.


The agreement regarding remittance payment was signed by Sagar Khanal, Chief Executive Officer of the company on behalf of Nepal Remit and Kim Kyung Hoon, Chief Executive Officer on behalf of Hanpass.

With the agreement, Nepalis can now send remittances through Nepal Remit not only through remittance agents in Korea, but also through mobile apps, mobile wallets to any bank account in Nepal and to more than 11 wallets operating in Nepal.

As remittances can be sent through mobile apps and wallets, Nepalis in Korea can send remittances to Nepal even when they are at work.

After the agreement, Sagar Khanal, Chief Executive Officer of Nepal Remit, said, ‘We are very proud to collaborate with a reputable company like Hanpass. From now on, Nepalis can send money to Nepal quickly, easily, easily, and reliably through Nepal Remit.

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