Nepal Startup Council will be formed to promote and develop startups

The government is going to form the Nepal Startup Council to promote and develop the startup business. In the draft of the ‘National Startup Enterprise Policy, 2079’ prepared by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supply and brought to internal discussion, it is mentioned that the Nepal Startup Council will be formed.


In order to promote and develop the startup enterprise business, to coordinate and facilitate the establishment of the concept of startup among new-entrepreneurs and young people, including solving the problems encountered in business operations, a council will be formed under the chairmanship of the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Supply, with the representation of related government agencies and stakeholders.

The Council will be chaired by the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Supply, while the members of the National Planning Commission (Industry Oversight), the Governor of Nepal Rastra Bank, the Secretary of Industry Oversight of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supply, the Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, the President of the Federation of Nepal Industry and Commerce, the President of the Confederation of Nepal Industry , will be the president of the Federation of Nepal Domestic and Small Industries and the president of the Federation of Women Entrepreneurs. Similarly, the director general of the industry department will be the member secretary of the council.

Policy facilitation and guidance in the formulation and implementation of policies, laws and regulations related to startup enterprises, coordination and cooperation between stakeholders to increase effectiveness in the implementation of startup policies, setting goals for startup-related agencies in various sectors/sub-sectors of startups, conducting a review on the same, and The Council has been assigned the task of providing suggestions to the Government of Nepal and managing the resources for the operation of the Nepal Startup Fund by doing an overall assessment and accounting.

Council meetings can be held at any time as needed. The member secretary of the council shall determine the agenda to be presented in the meeting of the committee in consultation with the chairman of the committee and provide the information to all members at least twenty-four hours before the meeting of the committee.

If any member of the committee has personal interest or interest in any agenda to be submitted for decision in the meeting of the council, he/she shall not participate in the decision-making process related to such agenda.

The council may form a sub-committee from among the members of the committee to study and research on a specific topic related to startup and for special purposes including experts.

The secretariat of the council will be in the department. It is stated in the draft that other procedures related to the meeting of the council shall be as determined by the council itself.

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