Nepal Telecom giving 2 GB data for 55 rupees

Nepal Telecom giving 2 GB data for 55 rupees

Nepal Telecom has modified the offers including various packages being provided keeping in view the convenience of the customers and has provided additional facilities under the summer offer. The company has continued most of the packages it is already providing.

Under the new facility, Rs. 55 will be able to use 2 GB of data. Similarly, the lockdown offer is available daily from 5 am to 5 pm for Rs. The 1 Mbps Day Time Unlimited offer available at 39 has been continued. The bonus on recharge offer under the lockdown offer has been removed.

The one-time 100-minute free voice call facility for customers who want to use the VoLTE service launched by Nepal Telecom has been retained. The facility can be used within 28 days.

The Corporate User Group (CUG) offer being offered by the company has also been made more attractive. The data volume, which is already available in the package of Rs 200 for prepaid and Rs 500 for postpaid, has been added.

Now on prepaid Rs. Under the package of 200, the group already has unlimited calls, 100 minutes on net (can be used on Nepal Telecom network) and 10 minutes off net (can also be used on other networks) voice and 50 on net SMS facility to use at any time. 1 GB of data will also be available.

Similarly, CUG 500 postpaid will already have unlimited calls, 500 minutes on net and 50 minutes off net voice and 100 on net SMS and 30 off net SMS as well as 5 GB of data that can be used at any time.

Customers have to dial * 1415 # to get various packages under Summer Offer. You can also get information and purchase services from the company’s ‘Nepal Telecom’ app.

Similarly, detailed information can be obtained and services can be purchased through the company’s website dhadh.lata.labhat.lau.


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