Nepal Telecom has opened infrastructure sharing, which can be used by another company

Nepal Telecom has opened infrastructure sharing, which can be used by another company

Nepal Telecom has opened the way for the first use of infrastructure in Nepal. In addition, another telecom company can now use the infrastructure of Nepal Telecom.

As soon as the regulatory body Nepal Telecom Authority brought regulations related to shared use, the telco has paved the way for shared use of infrastructure.

Telecom has put forward a policy to make available any second telco if it wants to use its infrastructure through the annual program of the current fiscal year.

Co-spokesperson of Nepal Telecom Ranjit Lohani said that infrastructure co-operation has been opened from this year. For this year, the telco has introduced a policy of co-use only for optical fiber.

“We have introduced a policy to co-opt optical fiber,” Lohani said.

This means that any telecom company that wants to use optical fiber for a second city will be available. It will not be available for use within the city. Operating telecom companies or new entrants will be able to use telecom optical fiber.

The board meeting of NEA on July 12 had approved the ‘Regulation 2078 on Co-use of Telecommunication Infrastructure and Determination of Fees’.

Telecommunication services are expected to become cheaper as soon as the regulations on co-use of telecommunication infrastructure and its tariffs are introduced. At the same time, telecom and internet service providers will no longer have to double-invest in infrastructure.

According to the regulations, any two or more telecommunication service providers may use the telecommunication infrastructure by mutual consent.

The regulation stipulates that service providers must make their telecommunications infrastructure available for use on a first-come, first-served basis without discrimination.

The co-user will have to use the telecommunication infrastructure available for co-use within 3 months. If it cannot be used within three months, the agreement on co-use of telecommunication infrastructure will end, the regulations state. All parties to the agreement must provide information to the NEA within 15 days of the agreement.

At the end of the agreement, one party to the agreement must give 3 months’ notice to the other party. Telecommunication infrastructure co-use fee should be within the maximum limit mentioned in the regulations.

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