Nepalese user accounts are at high risk of being hacked due to uninherited Facebook groups

Kathmandu. Groups are important to keep users active on the social network Facebook. A Facebook group is a group of Facebook users. Users with the same thoughts, ideas and thoughts join together to form a Facebook group.

Only people who know him are connected to any user's account. As a result, his ideas reach only a limited number of people. In some cases, the posts kept in the Facebook account are also being shared. However, it may not be that effective. Therefore, a group is important for conveying a content or idea to a large audience or people who share the same idea. Similarly, in some cases, users want to receive the posts they want. That's why they join the group.

There has been a trend of opening Facebook groups in Nepal for a long time. Facebook groups are started for the purpose of supporting a person or a party, discussing about a business, discussing about a race, running a campaign.

Nepali Language Purification Campaign, IT Students of Nepal, Men's Room Reloaded, IT Entrepreneurs for Nepal, Entrepreneurs for Nepal, Pentester Nepal, Ask Buddies, Youth Opportunities, Sharing Opportunities, Maitighar (Married Women Group) etc. are properly operated Facebook groups. In this way, there are thousands of groups operating with a good message or a good purpose.

Along with that, Facebook groups are being operated in the name of 'support'. There is a tendency to open fan clubs or supporter groups in the name of those who are more popular in the country. Such groups are conducted for temporary discussions. If they cannot operate continuously, they become destitute. And the scammers take advantage of that to cheat the common people.

Why are some Facebook groups abandoned?

Most of the Facebook groups in Nepal are run by the names of political figures or people active in the arts. Politicians and artists tend to be more conflicted and have their opinions on their sides and opposites. That is why such Facebook groups grow quickly. Millions of people join such groups in a short time.

Especially, direct income cannot be earned from such groups. However, Facebook has provided the facility of video monetization in some countries except Nepal. Sharing in such video groups increases views. And, based on that, you can earn income. However, there is no way to earn money by posting or posting videos in the group. Therefore, when there is no direct income, the owners of the group stop using it.

Users will not be interested in such groups after they stop seeing posts that are boring or do not work for them. Good creators stop posting in groups when users don't care. As a result, the Facebook group becomes desolate.

How does fraud occur from Facebook groups?

In this way, various types of scams are being posted in the bereft groups. Posts such as jobs in the incense making industry, job opportunities in Nepal Telecom, and millions of dollars are being shared in these groups.

Some time ago we published a news about 'Fraudulent business started in Facebook group in the name of Labim Mall'. Similarly, a few months ago, it was said to keep old live videos of Balen, Hark Sampang, Ravi Lamichhane etc. and click on the link to get a gift from it.

In this way, it is asked to share the scam link in different groups in the posts. Facebook users share what they think is real. Such posts are shared in Facebook groups that have no inheritance or are not taken care of by the admin. So that other users also know about such posts. And, in the same way, they share it in other groups. Due to which other people also get cheated.

If the post is made by showing the lure of employment, then registration fee is demanded for it. After paying 500 or 1000 rupees for registration, the temptation is shown to get them to work. If they think that they cannot get more money, the scammer immediately blocks the person. Otherwise, they ask for money in the name of training. Because it does not ask for more money, users do not even go to file a complaint that they are being cheated. As a result, the network of such scammers continues to spread.

Similarly, some scammers use this method to increase the number of visitors to a website. It is decided how much money they will get especially for the visitors coming from their links. For that reason, scammers are leading users to different websites by doing various live on Facebook.

Some scammers also take the help of such groups to get user data. You are asked to send your details by sending a link to participate in a certain program. When the details are kept like that, those details are being misused for various purposes.

What to do to avoid?

If you have joined a group that you are not interested in, it is best to leave such a group. Apart from that, if the admin has approved a post that is not related to the group or if you don't care about such posts, you have to leave the group yourself.

The admin of some groups may not be active and the group is being abandoned. In that case, any other active user can be placed as an admin or moderator in the group. Admin should turn on 'post approval' if he sees that there are more posts that are not related to him.

Remove unrelated posts from there and approve only related posts. If a person's account is posting too many unrelated posts, it is appropriate to remove such a user. Accounts of some group members have been hacked, due to which fraud related posts may be being made from the same account.

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