Nepali Pubji Team DRS came third and won 2.1 million prizes

Nepali Pubji Team DRS came third and won 2.1 million prizes

In the Pubji Mobile Pro League (PMPL) South Asia Championship 2021, Nepali team DRS Gaming has won the third place by winning 18 thousand dollars (Rs. 21 lakh).

The competition, which started on Thursday, was concluded on Sunday. The Nepali team, which performed well in the early days, failed to take the lead and had to settle for third place.

Mongolian Team Astra Academy has won the title in the competition. He has received 40,000 US dollars, or 46.63 million rupees.
Similarly, Mongolia’s Jewish Imports came second and won 28 thousand dollars (32 lakh 71 thousand rupees).

Sixteen teams from different countries including Nepal competed in the competition.
The prize money of this competition was more than 17.5 million Nepali rupees. The prize money is the highest in the history of mobile sports.

Nine teams from PMPL Season Three South Asia Final, 4 teams from PMCO 2021 Spring Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, 2 teams from PMCO 2021 Spring Asia Wildcard and 2 teams from PMPL South Asia Season 2 won Skylight Gaming.

Out of the 16 competing teams in this competition, 7 teams were from Nepal. These include DRS Gaming, Seven Sea Sports, Dead Eyes Guys, Trend to Kill, High Voltage, PN Crew and Sky Light Gaming.


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